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Birth of a Nation … Redux?

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

      If you are too young to recall the virulent racist film, Birth of a Nation, which was the first viewed in the White House during the tenure of the arch segregationist President Woodrow Wilson, who believed that it accurately portrayed the alleged vileness and sexual depravity of black people, then you need to see it if you are going to be able to contextualize the recent Capitol failed coup.

     Birth of a Nation was a blatant rallying call for white people to take back “their” country from the hordes of menacing black people who were out to “get them.”

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     Birth of a Nation was unrepentant racist propaganda in all its decadent glory. It promoted a “Big Lie” about the nature and character of black people and warned white men to stand up and protect, to the death, the virtuous flower of white womanhood.

     Birth of a Nation, without a filter, shouted from the rooftops that if black people, and black men in particular, are not kept in their place by any means necessary, America would regress and the white race would be polluted by integration and race mixing.

     Birth of a Nation championed the Klu Klux Klan as the valiant vanguard that would be the needed buffer zone between black upward mobility and the hegemony of the white race.

     The KKK was America’s hope to keep in check any advancements of people of color in America and to ensure that only Nordic whites could rule and reign supreme in American politics, finances and to continuously hold the reins of power.

     Now, fast forward to the impeachment hearings of Herr Trump. The feckless GOP, which has sold its birthright for a mess of pottage in order to maintain control and incur the favor of Herr Trump, has already signaled that at least 44 of them are tone deaf to any notion of convicting Herr Trump for inciting an insurrection at the Capitol.

      Repeatedly, year in and year out, Herr Trump has poisoned the wells of truth and critical thinking by promulgating the Big Lie that if he did not win the 2020 election, it had to be rigged.

     Despite any evidence that any court in the land would accept as valid and on point, Herr Trump and his cast of misfits have bellowed in unison with Fox News and other friendly media outlets that the election was stolen, and Herr Trump won by a massive landslide.

     Forty-four GOP senators with their heads in the sand, deny, against a tsunami of evidence, that Joe Biden won the election. For them to say otherwise, Herr Trump’s base would how to the moon and threaten them with either a primary challenger or worse.

      Understand that the underlying genesis of this Big Lie is that people of color voted illegally in certain urban swing states and their votes were the singular margin of victory for Joe Biden.

      The assault on the Capitol was Trunp’s followers expression of outrage that a duly elected president should not take office because in their corrupted thinking, Herr Trump had the election stolen from him and his followers.

     Those brawlers at the Capitol were ginned up for a reckoning with anyone who was not on their side and if that included threats of lynching Vice President Mike Pence, so be it.

      If that including executing Nancy Pelosi or anyone else who stood in their way, that was OK with them. Some of them believed that they were on a divine mission!

      They wanted a return to the good ol’ days where the warped thinking of Herr Trump would be the order of the day in order to make America great again.

      A corollary to that alleged greatness would require people of color to again be subordinated to a second-class status; and their acts monitored by white militia groups who would serve as “de facto” watchmen or modern-day overseers.

      Yes, the Capitol insurrection was inspired, in part, by past and present racial phobias of “you” people ascending to become the dominant ethnic group in America.

     To overturn the validated 2020 election results would necessitate erasing from the vote tallies, millions of votes cast by people of color.

      The mob that ransacked the Capitol, some carrying Confederate Flags, saw it as their duty to obey the call to arms given a few minutes earlier by Herr Trump in a bombastic speech that said they must fight, or they would lose their country.

      The marauders thought they were carrying out a divine order to correct a wobbling America that they believed was color struck; they felt that their white ethnic standing was soon to be downgraded to a minority population status.

     Herr Trump gladly stroked their racial demons for his own political good and continued to feed the Big Lie that he was a victim of a nationwide conspiracy to deny him a second term.

      The brain-dead GOP has no intentions to convict Trump, regardless of the copious amounts of caustic evidence that demonstrates that he violated his oath of office and sanctioned a coup against the America that he so professes to love.

      For those craven politicos, it is a simple story of retaining their power and fat pay checks as opposed to evaluating the evidence and saying to Herr Trump, “We gotcha...you are in fact, the real enemy of the people!”

     If the director of the incendiary film Birth of a Nation was able to read the screen play written by Trump since 2015 to present date, he would have made a sequel to that film and done so in vivid living color. The assault on the Capitol, in the understated name of white supremacy, is that sequel.

     In America, there is never a bad time to stop the progress of black and brown people and if the occupant of the Oval Office can lend his stature and aura to any efforts to snare and trap black people in moving forward, Herr Trump would gladly do so.

      Would I place pointy Klan hoods on any GOP senator who throws in his or her lot with Herr Trump and refuses to listen to the overwhelming evidence, and not convict him of violating his oath of office and aiding an insurrection?

What do you think?

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com



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