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Larry Sykes Gets His Shot

Got my vaccination for the COVID-19 virus. Sadly, there are those who are still hesitant to get vaccinated. Fifty-nine percent of women over 60 say they will take the shot,.78 percent of men over 60 say they will take the shot.

Unfortunately, only five percent of African Americans and 11 percent of Hispanics have gotten vaccinated. A doctor who worked in a central city clinic in New York City stated that when they started giving the COVID-19 shots his waiting room was full of white people who were not from the neighborhood.


Access to the vaccinations is also a problem because of transportation for people of color. Just as with grocery stores that are not in the highest risk and poorest neighborhoods, there are no clinics, drug stores or other facilities giving out the shots. So transportation is a problem.

Young people who are part of the guns, gangs and violence cultures donít believe they are going to live to be 20-25 so why take the shots? They believe that they are going to die anyway from some form of violence.




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