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Hi Ryan,

My name is Sandra and I have been reading you articles for years and I find the information in them very interesting.  On the other hand I have not implemented one single thing.  I am very overweight, out of shape and embarrassed to even attempt the things I read in your articles.  I fear that if I donít do something my health is going to diminish quicker and Iíll be more embarrassed and miserable than I already am. I want to do something but I just donít think I can find a starting point. Iím hoping that if I read something directly for me it will help me to get in gear.  I really want to make changes but Iím ashamed of how I look and I canít do too much without resting. I feel helpless and hopeless.



Ryan Rollison

Dear Sandra,

Itís great that you realize you have an issue with your health and that you want to make changes.  Hereís the thing, itís about you, your health, self-esteem and quality of life! Who cares what anyone thinks as long as you are doing things to improve YOU! You are not doing this for others approval you are doing this to improve you and thatís all itís aboutÖ.YOU! Be selfish with it, you need to realize itís a personal commitment to yourself not to spectators and people that have no bearing on your life.  Second of all, itís about your family, you have loved ones who want to see you, do things with you, and have you in good health so youíll be around for a long time.

Start out slow. Set aside 10 minutes a day for the first week then increase it five to 10 minutes each week until you reach 30 minutes.   Begin with walking, if you canít walk too far then donít walk far, but try to go farther every time you walk.  Go five minutes out then walk back to your starting point.  Without knowing of any health conditions or limitations you may have, I canít really be too specific on how you should proceed.  I can make a few ďsuggestionsĒ.

 Chair squats: stand over a sturdy kitchen chair with your feet shoulder width apart or wider (adjust according to your flexibility and range of motion) and just simply sit down and stand back up trying not to use your arms to push off or your legs. Begin with five reps and progress to 12.

 Push-ups: start on your knees keeping your hands even, a little wider than your shoulders but in line with them.  Lower yourself with control and if you canít push yourself back up then just return to the starting position and repeat.  You will eventually be able to push yourself back up.  Again start with 5 reps and increase.

Shoulder presses: you wonít even need weight to start with just do them until you feel your muscle start to burn. Stand with your feet shoulders width apart, raise your hands straight up as if you were touching the ceiling then lower your hands  just to the outside of your shoulders like your trying to touch your elbows to the ground, then repeat until you feel like your fatiguing. Lastly just do a simple high knee march for 30 seconds.  Pump your arms and land your feet softly on the ground, donít stomp. This will help get a little more cardio in, work on your flexibility and range of motion in your knees and hips.  I hope this was a help to you. Good luck.


Ryan Rollison
Dream Bodies
Toledo Ohio 








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