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BU Strong: Meet Stanquez Hill


By Mariah Hicks, Brothers United Coach

Special to The Truth


“Before BU, I was pretty much out here living without a care. I was selling drugs and had just caught a drug case. I was living life dangerously and with no regards to my kids or myself. I was living the fast life and it was spinning out of control.”


Stanquez Hill had his first child at the age of 23. He soon realized that he no longer came first and life wasn’t just about him anymore.

Stanquez Hill


“The love was different than anything I had ever felt before. I was now responsible for someone else and had a chance to show them things I didn’t learn and things I did learn.”


Stanquez wasn’t even home from county jail for 30 minutes before he first learned about Brothers United. He saw some people walking through his neighborhood and saw the phrase on the back of their shirts “The Only Hood I Claim is FATHERhood.”


In that moment, he realized he was worried about the wrong things. BU staff took down his information and he decided to join.


“I had kids and they were my priority, and I knew that motto should be something I lived by and stood for.”


Once in the program, Stanquez began to feel and think differently. BU helped him slow down and put things into perspective. He realized his importance as a father and as a man, and learned parenting skills and healthy relationship skills.


While fighting his drug case during the program, Avis Files went with Mr. Hill to court and advocated for him. She told them how he had changed while in the program and that he put in the work to become a better father and man.


“I was looking at a lot of time, and I walked out of that courtroom with another chance. To this day, I carry the things they taught me in the way I move. I put my kids first and do everything I need to do to make sure they are good. I carry the Brotherhood that I became a part of while in BU. So when I see a young father that I feel could use some help, I tell them my story and send them to BU. I owe that to them and especially Mrs. Files.”


Mr. Hill expressed that he is forever grateful for BU and how they’ve shown up in his life with support.


“Life today wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t allowed BU to mold and shape me into the man I am today; stronger, more focused, and BU Strong for life.”


If you are interested in joining The Brothers United Program or have someone you want to refer : Call us at (419) 279-6297 or www.pathwaytoledo.org




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