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Changing for the Better: Meet Dennis Byndom


By Mariah Hicks, Brothers United Coach

Special to The Truth


“My life was a little bit like a spider’s web. I wasn’t focused on short or long goal terms. I was angry because things weren’t going my way. I didn’t know how to communicate with people.”


Dennis Byndom was about 23 years old when he had his first son. Though he had a great relationship with his child and interacted with him often, his relationship with his co-parent wasn’t the best.


 “I was demanding and didn’t care what she had to say. She didn’t have a voice.”


Dennis heard about Brothers United from a former participant who started working for the program.


“I saw how much good it did for him and felt like if it can change him, it can change me.”


Dennis Byndom

After hearing more about the program, Dennis scheduled an appointment and joined the Brotherhood.


While in the program, Brothers United truly changed Dennis’ life for the better. He learned better communication skills and realized he could ask for help without being scared or feeling ashamed. 


“BU helped me have a better life with my wife. I learned how to not be selfish within my relationship with my wife and learned how to be a better co-parent. I also learned how to think before I act and be more well-rounded. At first, I wasn’t confident, but I started to share more everyday. You can’t just worry about yourself in the relationship. You have to think about others. Now I understand how to talk things out with my co-parent/wife. I am not so quick to be demanding. I learned to compromise in my relationship to help resolve conflict.”


Dennis also learned how to be a better parent and keep his kids as a priority in his life.


“It’s not a reset button and there’s no manual to it. I pretty much went with the flow to do the best that I can and not give up. I got a lot of advice from my dad, which helped me out a lot.”


Life after Brothers United has been good for Mr. Byndom. He expressed that he learned a lot from the program that he still applies to his life. From the visits with his Coach, he was able to realize what was best for him and his family. He understood that he needed to be more thoughtful about his kids and be a provider for his family.


“I always think about the whole thing. Brothers United was like a mentor for me. I still keep in touch with many of the guys that were in my group. Take care of your responsibilities, mean what you say and do what you mean. Keep a job and hold your family down no matter what.”


If you are interested in joining The Brothers United Program or have someone you want to refer : Call us at (419) 279-6297 or www.pathwaytoledo.org




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