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“Black Lives Matter” Billboard Raised at Corner of Detroit and Bancroft

By Fletcher Word
Sojourner’s Truth Editor

The Community Response Solidarity Network unveiled its “Black Lives Matter” billboard at the corner of Detroit and Bancroft on Tuesday, July 21, during a ceremony featuring reflections from key members of the group – Washington Muhammad, Julian Mack and Ruth Leonard.

The morning’s event focused on the recent incidents of police killings of African Americans, such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, that have sparked protests around the US and the world.

“Police brutality has to end,” said Mack, the keynote speaker. “We are using various tactic to give voice to the voiceless,” he said. “We want justice, equal justice under the law and for all lives to matter, black lives must matter.

“This is not the work of one individual but the work of collective that has brought us to this point … the work we do today is on the shoulders of giants, we must keep that perspective,” he added.

In addition to the billboard, the CSRN will be distributing yard signs with the “Black Lives Matter” text as well as those urging authorities to “defund the police.”

The Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo was formed on November 25, 2014, the day after it was announced that the killer (a Ferguson, Missouri police officer) of Michael Brown (an unarmed teenager) would not be indicted. 


The organization’s mission is to “bring awareness to the injustices experienced by Black men, women and children who are disproportionately murdered, attacked, provoked and harassed by law enforcement.”  

“This is what our revolution looks like,” said Mack. “We are just getting started and we will not stop until the social contract of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is achieved for each and every one of us.”

Leonard spoke about the need to defund the police. “We don’t need more rubber bullets and SWAT teams she said. “We need the opportunity for ourselves to be better in our community … when you take away our resources, don’t be surprised if we rise up against you.”

“Rising up” was a theme that Muhammad echoed. “It is our duty to fight for our freedom … it is out duty to win.”

Muhammad also addressed the fact that CSRN will be urging people to vote for issues in the fall that will address the ways to defund and reform the police.

To assist with the organization’s mission of keeping the billboard going, getting the yard signs made and distributed and getting their message to voters, contributions can be made through PayPal at PayPal.me/csrn419 or through CashApp at $CSRN419.




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