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Dr. Michael Stubblefield, Dentist

I am a native son of the city of Toledo a 1994 honors graduate of St. Francis de Sales High School before attending The Ohio State University where I earned my bachelor of science degree, magna cum laude, in 1998. 

Following college, I continued my education at the University of Maryland, receiving my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2002.  I then returned to Toledo to begin my career and serve in the community that raised me. 


For 16 years, I practiced at the Dental Clinic of the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, where I most recently served as dental director.  While there, I provided comprehensive dental care both there in the clinic and also through an outreach program in many of the local elementary schools meeting the dental needs of tens of thousands over the years. 

Last year, I transitioned from public service to private practice and am now in practice providing family dentistry with Namay Dentistry at the Northwood office.

Choosing a career path in dentistry definitely presents a unique set of challenges.  First, it is not a career choice that many people even consider.  Few people get into the profession, and even fewer are African-American. 

To even be considered, you have to have excellent grades through college, keeping at least a 3.6 grade point average.  The coursework is intense and rigorous, just as in medical school.  

Good people skills are necessary, both in school and beyond into your career.  The work can be stressful, as you are working in a very small space and performing very exacting procedures, while dealing with a patient who may be fearful or not very cooperative.  And also unfortunately, even though it is 2019, people are going to question and doubt your competency, your skill and your knowledge based upon how you look.  You just have to put your best foot forward and be your absolute best every day.

If anyone were to consider a career path in dentistry or any of the health professions, it would be wise to do as much research as possible, as soon as possible.  See exactly what is involved and what sort of tasks would be expected of you.  Be open-minded and flexible.  You just may learn that you find something interesting that you had not even considered. 

Take school seriously.  How you perform now can literally impact you for the rest of your life.  Find a support-system of like-minded people who are on a similar career track.  You can help each other out to achieve your goals.  Reach out and find someone to mentor you.  Others have come before you and will be more than willing to help you and give advice along your journey.  And finally,  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  YOU CAN DO IT!!

Dr. Michael Stubblefield,  is in private practice with Namay Dentistry, Northwood, OH


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