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Emory Whittington, Real Estate Broker

I have been in the real estate industry for 28 years and five months. When I started in March of 1991 I was going to University of Toledo pursuing my bachelor’s degree in business and taking real estate classes in the evening.  


At the time I thought it would be something “fun” to do, I wasn’t thinking 29 years down the road. I passed the real estate test and off I went into the business at the age of 19 and having no contacts at all.  No one my age was buying homes and hardly anyone in my family outside of my grandparents and my Mom and Dad owned a house.  We had a LOT of renters in my own family.  28 years later I have sold homes to many family members and our mindsets are a lot different.


I worked with Coldwell Banker and Century 21 franchises at the beginning because I was told the training and support would be key to my success.  I did get some training, but I quickly realized that I would work in a community in which no one really specialized.  I quickly became known as “The Name You Know” because I was working “eight to faint” to get my name out there. I decided to get my real estate broker license in 1995 and I went off on my own – the Whittington Group Realty – in 1997.  


Even though my previous broker told me that no one would ever buy a home from a “ma and pa” real estate firm, I am still in business today, more than two decades later.   I am glad I had the support from family, friends and the community to continue to give me the opportunity.  


Whittington Group Realty is known for helping move families locally and nationally.   We have gained the reputation of “getting the job done.”  We work with investors, buyers and sellers.  We also have a property management side of Whittington Group Realty where we take the stress away from investors who want to step away from the day-to-day details of managing a rental property. We are located in the Scott Park neighborhood in West Toledo.


You have to have faith and courage in yourself that you can win….  No matter what roadblocks come your way.  


Emory Whittington, III, is the owner and founder of Whittington Group Realty  



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