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Brandon Harrison, Police Detective


Ever since I was a teenager in high school, I knew I wanted to enter some type of law enforcement career. So after I graduated from high school I enlisted in the Army hoping that would be a path to becoming a military police officer. Unfortunately, at the time of my enlistment, all of the military police jobs were full so I enlisted in as a combat medic.


After my military service, I still wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement. So as I worked a job in a hospital using the training I had obtained in the military, I continued to seek opportunities in various law enforcement agencies.


However, when those opportunities opened up I was faced with a different set of challenges when an agency informed me that my eyesight was not good enough and therefore they could not continue with their hiring process. But instead of giving up on my dream, I had eye surgery to correct my vision and gave it another try with that agency.


Unfortunately, things still did not work out for me during their process. Over the next couple of years, opportunities with other agencies were not available and, at times, it appeared that I might never reach my goal. However, I was still committed to my goal and when the opportunity presented itself for me to apply with the Toledo Police Department I did, was hired on, and have been with the department for eight years.


What I would tell anyone who has set a goal for themselves is to stay committed to that goal even if it appears that you may not achieve it at that time.   


Brandon Harrison is a detective with the Toledo Police Department



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