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Getting the Shot Is the Right Thing to Do


By Paul Hubbard

Guest Column


In the rush to get African Americans vaccinated against COVID 19, several in the Black community were asked to convince our fellow citizens to take the vaccine.


Yes, we were asked to work to get as many shots in as many Black arms as possible. However, the fact is that the vaccine is being given but not enough of the shots are not going into the right arms.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated: " we are concerned that the most important question of all is being left out of the conversation: Is America's vaccination effort reaching all of those who need to be vaccinated now? From what we have seen, the answer is NO".

Paul Hubbard


The nation, Ohio, Lucas County and Toledo seem to have lost sight of the fact that the pandemic is affecting the Black community and the Latino community disproportionately, more than the other communities. Many people in these Black communities are front-line essential workers. The Kaiser Foundation said the reporting of race and ethnicity by cities and states on COVID-19 is troubling.


In Toledo, the United Way preregistered many of us and we received confirmation of the preregistration. However, people are telling me they have not heard anything since preregistering, including myself, from United Way nor the Health Department. I have found that the Area Office on Aging (Billy Johnson, CEO) has been the most responsive entity. Black women have been hit the hardest amid Covid job losses according to USA Today. 


US Rep. Jim Clyburn has targeted OSHA with the investigation of meatpacking companies, which have a large share of essential workers. Clyburn is chairman of the House Select Subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis. He also has concerns about how reporting is being done about Black and Latino communities, especially our essential workers, a group that is comprised of a high number of Black and Latino women.


In Michigan, there are several cases against the Governor Gretchen charging that she didn't have the constitutional authority to draw up the executive orders that she enacted. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy who is Black will dismiss all cases against Gov. Whitmer involving the virus response. Much to my surprise Detroit and Wayne County are ahead of Toledo and Lucas County in the vaccine distribution shots to African Americans. This was highlighted on Toledo News TV a few weeks ago.


This is Black History Month so I hope we as African Americans will use every opportunity to advocate for fair distribution of the shots to our community.  





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