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White Skin Privileges in Overdrive!

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     As some of you may know by now, due to the hellacious subject matter of this column and the wrath that it will bring down on my head from local Trumpsters whenever I write about their dear Leader, I have decided to use this Covid-19 pandemic to go into temporary hiding.

     Over the years I have developed an extensive network of sympathetic readers and contacts in nine states and seven foreign countries and have been granted promises of immunity if I found it needful to flee these United States.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     My deepest thanks go out to the countries of Cuba, Ghana, Morocco, Isle of Man, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Norway for their substantial diplomatic support in these trying times.

    What has, or may well, generated a firestorm is that I will compare the amazing differential treatment that Herr Trump is afforded by White America; and to compare his mentally-challenged antics, delusions of grandeur, threats, bullying, racism and sexism to that of former President Barack H. Obama … if Obama were to have engaged in such reprehensible acts of conduct, vile language and boorish conduct to our foreign allies.

     President Obama “suffered” during his eight years of being president from the following incidents and of which were not remotely sufficient to upend established social mores and government values.

     His predictability and even steadiness and great intellectual capital, endearing empathy and compassion for all, made him an outstanding President leader, bar none.

     At the hands of outraged white Republicans who were shell shocked to have a black man being the CEO of the US of A for eight years, his foibles included the following: (1) wearing a tan colored suit in the Oval Office (2) The First Lady wearing sleeveless dresses that showed her muscular arms (3) mistakenly saying that the Affordable Care Act would allow you to keep your doctor (Note: as it worked out, you could keep your doctor if the doctor agreed to be a part of the care act (4) defending Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State.

     As you know, the GOP Senate was enraged that after years of investigation into Benghazi that no criminal liability was found against her or President Obama.

     Obama’s greatest fault was his seemingly desire to not go public regarding the racial antics of the GOP Senators and especially so when they, for no good reason, blocked his Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland from even getting an up or down vote from the Senate!

     Recently, there has been a horrible spate of shootings by white policemen against people of color and in which it seems that itchy trigger fingers prevailed over common sense or that other least drastic means to take an opponent down were not employed.

     The ghastly murder of the jogger, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia reminds all of us that life is fragile and can be taken in a moment’s notice; and even quicker when your race is a factor in determining who lives or who dies.

     Who would have remotely thought that a deadly virus, COVID-19, would blatantly uncover the racial divide in this country regarding medical care and services and again, who lives and who dies.

     Not only did this COVID-19 expose the hypocrisy of America’s care for all being a lie but a stubborn lie at that when it came to black and brown people receiving the brunt end of the sharp stick when the virus sought out its victims.

     Now, we have revelations that this virus is revealing that the educational system is woefully flawed when it comes to the

fair distribution of educational services to those who do not have the wherewithal to afford computers and Internet services during a prolonged shut down of the schools.

      Again, the class and race divisions in America are puss-like blisters being popped and it is not a pretty sight to behold.

      Well-funded school districts and its pupil population have the financial muscle to have computers and the assortment of related services that allow “those” kids to weather an educational downturn whereas “other” kids have to take it on the chin when it comes to educational parity.

      America and its educational systems and its opportunities thereto, never made room for minorities to sit at the table as equals and to receive a fair share of the bounty.

      That is because America was not originally set up for that type of fair distribution of goods and services to people of color and because of that, when deadly viruses run rampant, the resulting inequities are glaringly abhorrent.

A good read on this shameful history is: Stamped From the Beginning by Ibram S. Kendi. Read it and weep.

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com


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