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Learning the Steps of Fatherhood: Meet Ahmad Jacobs


By Mariah Hicks, Brothers United Coach


“My dad didn’t teach me about fatherhood. Sometimes he’d be in, then he’d be out for a couple months. Then I would see him and then he’d be away for a couple years. He didn’t show me how to brush my teeth or take a shower, but he would come and try to give me candy sometimes. I would only spend like a day with him and then he would be gone again. That’s really the number one reason why it’s important for me to be a good father.”


Ahmad Jacobs is a barber living in Toledo. He had his daughter at 24 years old, and since then, his life has been devoted to being the best father he can be to her.


Initially, Mr. Jacobs didn’t have a good relationship with his co-parent, which caused a strain on his relationship with his daughter.


“We didn’t really trust each other. At times, one of us would think that one cared more than the other or one did more than the other.”


Mr. Jacobs and his co-parent argued a lot and carried bitterness towards each other. Because of this, he wasn’t able to see his daughter when he wanted to.


He heard about Brothers United when a few staff walked into the barbershop while he was working one day. He knew that he could use some advice and help since he was new to fatherhood. He joined to boost his mind and his life overall in order to become a better father.


Mr. Jacobs says that BU was a five-star experience that helped him learn how to deal with his co-parent in a more efficient manner. He learned how to handle situations better and how to not involve his daughter in the arguments he had with his co-parent.


“I learned to keep her out the negativity and put her in the positive.”


Over time, the relationship between Mr. Jacobs and his co-parent got better.


“That stuff goes away when you realize that it’s really about your daughter and being there for her.”


Mr. Jacob believes that his relationship with his daughter as well as his co-parent improved because of his consistency and his determination to not give up.


“I built that relationship with my daughter every chance I got, and I never walked away.”


Mr. Jacobs completed the program in 2019. He still works at Nitty’s Barbershop and now sees his daughter daily.


He credits BU for teaching him how to communicate and behave, not only as a father, but as a man. Even though he came in thinking he knew a lot, he says Brothers United taught him many things he didn’t know.


“It’s important to be there for her and support her. It taught me that it’s very important to be a father, not just a so-called dad.”



If you are interested in joining The Brothers United Program or have someone you want to refer : Call us at (4199) 279-6297 or www.pathwaytoledo.org




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