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Westfield Students Celebrated with a Graduation Parade

By Fletcher Word
Sojourner’s Truth Editor

Staff and faculty of Westfield @ Phoenix Academy took to their autos on Thursday, May 14, packed their vehicles with gifts and caravanned to the homes of the academy’s seniors to honor the Class of 2020’s achievements.

“We do a party for graduates every year,” explained Susan Nahaas, Westfield counselor. “Since that was not able to happen, we decided to take the party to them.”

Westfield is a Toledo Public School academy for students who have had some difficulty adjusting to the routine of the regular high schools but seem to thrive in an atmosphere of small classes with extra attention by faculty and staff.

“They excel with us,” said Nahaas. “We give them small classes, interventions and we love them to pieces!”

This year’s five Westfield graduates are still student members of their regular high schools, where they spend about half of their time and from which they will receive their diplomas and where with other seniors they would have marched in a commencement ceremony had this been a normal year.

And all five are planning to go on to college, two immediately on athletic scholarships while three plan to work and continue their education in the fall.

Aaliyah Armstrong, a senior at Scott High School, has several options to play college basketball but had not yet decided where she will attend.

“Basketball is my life,” she admits. Aaliyah has made the All-City and All-District teams every year during her four-year high school career and has been in the top five of scorers in the city during that time.

“I’ve had a hard time getting through since my brother was gunned down two years ago,” she says. “I love helping others and have volunteered regularly serving food to those in need and have made quite a few visits to the Ronald McDonald House to volunteer there.”

Delrico Stephens, graduating from Rogers, is heading to the University of Toledo for his first college year but would like to transfer to Central State after that.  He was on the TPS SMARTS (Students Making Achievements Right This Second) team representing Westfield for the past two years.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other students from all over the district and collaborate with them in work groups to make TPS even better,” says Delrico. “I am looking forward to starting classes in the fall and working towards a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.”

Chy’Nyah Isom, also a participant in the SMARTS team for Westfield, is graduating from Scott High School and is currently working at Subway and will be working toward a bachelor’s of arts in business by taking a class or two in the fall. She envisions her own childcare facility in her future.

“I enjoyed playing different sports throughout high school such as soccer, volleyball and boxing,” say Chy’Nyah. “I also had the privilege to participate in the TPS SMARTS Team my junior and senior year. I liked being a part of a team that made a difference in my school and my community.”

Aaliyah Armstrong

Delrico Stephens and family

Demond Allen

Chy'Nyah Isom

Demond Allen, a graduate of Waite High School, is also an athlete. He played basketball for all four years and also football in his junior and senior years.

“After graduation, I will be attending college (still deciding where) in the fall and looking forward to playing basketball for my new school. I plan on getting a bachelor’s degree of science in Athletic Training or Sports Management and want to coach basketball in my future.”

Jacob Schieber, a graduate of Woodward High School, is also a member of SMARTS. “I have enjoyed being a leader and making a positive difference in my school,” says Jacob.

“I specifically like the team building activities and some free time on the ice at The Huntington Center. I hope to start classes soon in working toward a bachelor of science degree and would love to be a marine biologist in the future.”

The afternoon was a huge success with the families of the graduating seniors. “They were so thrilled that we came,” said Nahaas. “It meant so much to them.”

It meant a lot to Westfield’s staff and faculty as well. The participants had been concerned all morning about rain, and the rain did come during the auto caravan. But the rain also stopped before the caravan reached each senior’s house, giving everyone an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of these 2020 graduates.



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