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A Garden of Eden Redux?

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     First, a little history lesson that will set the prelude to the following opinion piece.

     Let’s go back, way back to the Garden of Eden, you know, the place God set up for his first creations, Adam and Eve, to tend to the Garden and to have fellowship with God.

     Things were going good for Adam and his wife, Eve. Adam named all the created animals at that time. He and wife were doing super with meals provided in the Garden. Great weather. No mosquitoes to worry about while walking around in the buff.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

    No cell phones dying on you. No worry about overdue rents or catching a cold or having medical coverage. To say the least, it was the good life!

    Matter of fact, it was so good that God said, “Listen you two, anything you want in this Garden you can have or sample, but…leave that Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil alone!”

   “Are we clear on that,” said God.

“Oh yes”, said Adam and Eve, “we got the picture and will stay away from it!”

   So, God leaves for a moment but said that he will be back in the cool of the evening to converse with Adam and Eve and see how things are progressing in the Garden.

   But, wouldn’t you know it. Satan, the enemy of all things God, has access to the Garden and hears what God told Adam and Eve about “that” tree.

“Sweet!”, Satan says to himself. “Now watch me!”

     So, Satan waits a while until Eve is by herself tending to the Garden and Satan, appears as a talking serpent. Now talking serpents don’t scare Eve for, after all, God can make animals talk. Remember the talking donkey rebuking the prophet Balaam when he, without mercy, beat his poor riding donkey for not following his directions.

    The donkey saw an angel blocking his path and the donkey had enough sense to stop moving forward. He knew something was up, but the prophet was clueless until the donkey spoke and gave some wisdom as to what was happening in the spiritual realm.

    But I digress. Back to the Garden story.

     When Satan, appearing as a serpent, told Eve that God was selfish and stingy and he did not want them to be like him and knowing the difference between good and evil, Eve got tripped up and started listening to another other than God.

    Bingo! That was the opening Satan needed to issue those now famous words: “Did God really say that if you eat of that tree you would surely die?”

    Matter of fact, Satan plied his lie and said that if Eve and Adam were in fact to eat the delicious fruit of that grand tree, they would be like gods and would live forever!

    So, Eve, beguiled by the serpent did eat of the fruit and later Adam with her encouragement also ate of the forbidden fruit.

   What happened here in the Garden that is now being multiplied around the world and especially in the US of A.

Simple: a concerted campaign of misinformation, alternate facts, internet bots, fake news, trolls, false videos, engineered stories that parade as solid news and thousand of lies that are gushing from the White House.

    Satan was able to have Adam and Eve question their primary truth source and he was able to convince them with appeals to their vanity and ego that God was not to be trusted about his warning of not eating from that particular tree.

    No, Eve or Adam did not have a cell phone to watch CNN or MSNBC or Fox News. They had a relationship with God but allowed someone else with a different agenda to corrupt their thinking and to jettison what they knew was truthful.

    If you examine current events, it appears that people are vesting less and less truth in previously solid institutions that they relied upon for accuracy and truthfulness.

    Now, for many, truth is a scrambled salad full of sandy grit and questionable lumps of fact or half-truths.

Governmental agencies are being challenged for their veracity (remember Trump using his Sharpie to re-do the Hurricane Dorian map?) and venerated organizations like the FBI and the CIA and the military are under severe strain of credulity because Trump is playing the role of Satan in order to undermine pillars of truth if it serves his purposes of becoming an autocrat.

    When God found out what Satan did to Adam and Eve, Satan, as the serpent, was punished and had to now crawl on his belly (whereas before he walked upright) and eat the dust of the earth.

    As for Adam and Eve, their innocence was lost, and they were banished from the Garden for their rejection of the truth of God in exchange for a lie.

    Moral of the story: There is nothing new under the sun and what we are now knew as truth is being denigrated and dismissed. This assault on truth has a long history and we are now seeing personalities that are mimicking the same art of Satan’s distortion of truth. This assault is being given a 2.0 upgrade via the explosive use of the Internet, cell phones and social media to reach the masses.

Apples, anyone?

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com



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