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Dear Mayor,


As you know, another video has surfaced documenting an interaction with Toledo Police and members of this community. The content of this video is particularly disturbing because of the behavior of the officers involved.


As I understand, the officers were responding to a weapons call in the area. However, once again, arrests were made unrelated to the original call and investigation. It is especially disturbing to me that the officer in the car engages in inappropriate language with a citizen by stating that everyone knows she’s crazy as f*** and that she is a criminal with pending charges. It appears that this is the same officer who was involved in the incident a week prior at Lagrange and Manhattan.  What is more appalling is that after the confrontation, an officer goes to the back of the SUV and offers a soccer ball to a youth.  The mother objects and said they want nothing from the officer. The officer refused to listen, saying they want to “give back” to the kid. He throws the ball to the child and states he’s surprised the child could kick it with his bad leg.


Based on what I have seen, these officers show a total disrespect for citizens of this city. Their behavior is inconsistent with how officers should behave when we want to improve relationships between our law enforcement and the community. I am concerned that this behavior could easily create a real and serious civil disturbance.


Out of this concern, I am asking for action. The officers should be suspended, an investigation conducted, and sensitivity training offered. Additionally, all charges against those arrested need to be dropped.





Larry J. Sykes

Councilmember At-Large

(419) 245-1050




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