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The 2019 National Urban League Conference

By Paul Hubbard
Special to The Truth

The annual National Urban League Conference was held in Indianapolis, IN, July 24-27, at the Indiana Convention Center and featured a variety of forums dealing with equality, America’s moral challenge, the racial wealth gap, voting rights, entrepreneurship, technology and the power of unity, among other issues.

The Convention brought together over 4,000, many of whom were young adults.

I attended a private corporations solutions meeting that the National Urban League President Marc Morial held with about 20 corporate leaders. In that meeting Morial spoke about how the Democrats are going after the black vote because we made such a difference in the last three elections when we voted and when we did not vote.

Morial talked about how housing, health care and education should be black voters’ main agenda items. He also spoke about how Russia suppressed the black vote thru 58,000,000 fake social media postings. Russia has 300,000,000 followers that they send daily fake information to. Voter registration and the 2020 Census will be the main agenda topics of the Urban League for the next year.

Anthony Hamilton conducted a work shop on parts of his life and back ground for some of his songs; Dapper Dan had a work shop on why it is important to always dress well; Slutty Vegan owner Pinky Cole spoke about how she uses social media to build business for her restaurant and presidential candidates held two forums to discuss equality and leveling the playing field for all citizens.

Candidates in attendance were Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, writer Ami Horowitz, Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. John Delaney, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Tim Ryan.

During the candidates presentations Kamala Harris raised the points that kids who have two or more black teachers are 38 percent more likely to attend college and that home ownership is the key to building a middle class. She also discussed how Russia has used racism to divide our country. She feels that our country is so divided that things are going to get very nasty around the 2020 election

There was a Shark Tank event for young adults to present their business or business plan using social media. The businesses presented were prison mail from families, entertainment, construction virtual soft ware, transportation of goods, cultural events, travel guide, social affairs, and women programs, emergency loans, food server. The business that won the $11,500 grand prize was a web site that gave information about after school programs and latch key kids.

Coke Cola also sponsored a shark tank type event were there were three prizes totaling $10,000. Isiah Thomas, former all-star basketball player, was one of the judges and gave a presentation about his new business, Isiah International, LLC.

The four days of the convention were packed with panel discussions on subjects such as school choice, disparities in health care, the 2020 census, the power of the black/brown vote, the racial wealth gap, among others.

The Urban League Convention ended with a Family and Community Day where several thousand local families came to the convention center for fun, games, prizes, and gifts. Thousand of kids got free back packs filled with school supplies. There were exercise contests with bikes as prizes, hustle contest, wobble contest, etc. The crowd was mostly black but there were a visible number of white and Hispanic families.



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The 2019 National Urban League Conference


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