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I am heartbroken.

Dayton's Oregon District is usually a site of celebration – not one of mourning. I know many of us are hurting right now, and uncertain of where we go from here. We have lots of challenging days ahead.

But Dayton is fearless. I thought about that as I watched the video of our Dayton Police officers running toward the gunman who was carrying a weapon bigger and more powerful than their own. I know it may not feel like it right now, but I have seen so much fearlessness from our community in the last 48 hours and in the last several months. We have confronted some of the toughest challenges any city could imagine and we stood tall in the face of all of them.

But of everything we’ve faced this year, this one is especially tough. Not only because we lost members of our community, but because it was avoidable. I spoke with 61 mayors yesterday, who called recognizing I had been initiated into the unfortunate fraternity of those who had endured one of these tragedies in their own communities. Something must be done. Enough is enough.

But we can’t be hopeless in the face of inaction in DC and in Columbus. We must continue to support one another here at home. As we’ve endured these horrible times, this community has learned about each other and what is most important to us. People who never would have crossed paths have helped each other in our most painful moments. Dayton has done what Dayton does best – we take of each other.

Nine of our neighbors came to celebrate in the Oregon District Saturday night, and now nine families are dealing with incredible sorrow. And dozens more families are trying to wrap their heads around the violence that changed the lives of their loved ones forever.

The Oregon District is a place full of so much life. That is why it is especially painful for it to be the site of such tragic loss. But I have no doubt that tomorrow, and the next day, and every day after that, it will continue to be a place for us to come together for celebration. Including celebrating the lives of those we lost.


Nan Whaley, Mayor City of Dayton



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