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Triple the PINK" Breast Cancer Awareness program 


Eating right and exercise are major parts of healthy living that most Americans try to find time to fit into a daily routine. When it comes to doctor visits and self exams, so many people find reasons to put them off or avoid

completely. That's why a free workshop entitled "Triple the PINK" Breast Cancer Awareness  Program was presented to guests on Sunday, October 28, 2018 at the YWCA of NW Ohio on Jefferson Ave Sarah Burkes, NANBPWC. Inc, health chairman, served as the mistress of ceremony. 


Denise Black-Poon opened to explain the purpose of the event and why it's important. “Triple the Pink” focuses on Triple Negative Breast Cancer  (TNBC) which occurs in about 10 to 20 percent of diagnosed breast cancers and is more likely to affect younger people in African American and Hispanic populations. Triple negative breast cancer can be more aggressive and more difficult to treat  and is more likely to spread and recur. This is why the joint collaboration of organizations felt it was important to educate minority communities about this desease in hopes of minimizing its negative impact among those populations.  


The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc.-Toledo Club and Maumee Bay Adult and Youth Clubs,  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Beta Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, the YWCA of NW Ohio, YMCA, Top Ladies of Distinction, LMHA, Books 4 Buddies and so many organizations wanted to bring awareness to the community by spreading the word about the importance of getting mammograms,  regular doctor visits and checkups,  and knowing the signs that may possibly make us aware that something is wrong. 


Winda Birts from the YWCA Health Connection was the guest speaker who really gave guest many important facts and talked about 10 things to know about "Triple Negative Breast Cancer ".  She stressed that we should really pay attention to our bodies and the changes that may be occurring. She mentioned that it's suggested to get regular mammograms at age 40 but not to wait till then to see a doctor if we see signs like redness, size,  lumps, etc. The YWCA offers free mammograms for anyone who has a financial hardship, no insurance etc. Mrs. Birts and her staff is always ready to assist you and also prepared to be there for you once you've been diagnosed with any questions, how to get help, giving support and so much more. 


Triple Negative Breast Cancer requires different types of treatment because the condition is estrogen receptor-negative , progesterone receptor-negative and HER2 negative. 


Early stages of triple negative breast cancer can be treated effectively with surgery, often followed by radiation and chemotherapy. TNBC recurs more commonly than other types of breast cancer and accounts for a disproportionate percentage of breast cancer deaths. Recurrences happen frequently within the first five years after being diagnosed. 


Barbara Tucker talked about key points for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The audience had a chance to ask questions and make comments about having cancer and how the program has helped.


Breast Cancer can occur in both men and women as well as youth and adults. The audience had a variety of ages who gained so much knowledge from the Winda Birts presentation.


Club presidents Frances Collins, PhD, and Linda Collins commented on how important it is to share information with others and how so many can benefit from the information that was shared. Lisa McDuffie- President and CEO of the YWCA of NW Ohio thanked everyone for his or her participation and attendance  at the program and for the preparation of putting on a program with such an important message.


October was Breast Cancer Awareness month but please take time regularly to give regular self breast exams at home, look at our bodies and know what's happening,  notice and report any leakage in the breast, inverted nipples, size change,  discoloration etc., and report it immediately to your doctor. Breast cancer happens in small and large chest in men and small or large breast for women. Mammograms can be given to both. Know your family history but don't rule out that anyone can get cancer without other family members having symptoms or cancer before. Watch the myths and learn the facts.




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