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The 2018 Ready Set Aim Summit

By Megan Davis

The Truth Contributor


On a brisk September Saturday, the 29th to be exact, The Summit in Downtown Toledo was bustling with excitement as women from the area gathered together to level up in inspiration, motivation and engagement.


Whether an aspiring, newcomer or veteran woman business owner, the 2018 Ready Set Aim Summit was a one-day event that was designed to help women at any level of business ownership gain knowledge and wisdom for their personal or corporate endeavors.


The Summit was decorated in shades of pink, black and gold, with beautiful golden swag bags filled to the brim with goodies from several sponsors including local businesses Sonia Organics, The Kitchen Salon and Autumn Gineen. The cameras were clicking, and there was nothing but anticipation as the day got underway.


Ready Set Aim’s founder, TiAnna Anderson, brought together the best in local talent, to serve as her team in the planning and day-of operations. From cosmetic CEO Camisha Shamaine, who served as the emcee, to event planning and decor expert Deb Rayford to brand ambassador Brittany Gray, there were eight women in all, to form the team behind the scenes for RSA.


“In the planning process of the inaugural Ready Set AIM Summit, I was cautiously optimistic and hoped for a nice modest event for 50 attendees that gave impactful career and business knowledge. Instead I welcomed 79 attendees, 11 vendors, and 14 sponsors to join me on the journey to their next level of success.” said Anderson.


This event also invited several nominees for the Rising Millennial Star and Supernova of Excellence awards. The winners were announced during the event and were awarded with a lovely trophy and gift basket. The Rising Millennial Star was Precious Tate and the Supernova of Excellence award was presented to Anita Madison. Further, a check was presented to the non profit organization, Groomed for Greatness, dedicated to introducing girls to positive role models, in the amount of $500 and was received by founder Michelle McCaster.


The impact of knowledge was real as the carefully curated lineup of session leaders and speakers laid their all on the platform for attendees. The summit opened with fitness motivation from fitness guru Erika White followed by session one “I’m Ready! Preparation, Precision and Power” lead by Jayramon Vice President and L.I.F.T co-organizer Kelli Daniels which helped women identify their assets and liabilities in business and dream-building.


Daniels’ session was a deep dive into the importance of discovering and maximizing strengths in the workplace and community.


It was session two, “I Am Worthy”, led by Brigette Burnett, that  pulled on heart strings and she shared her journey in journalism, life lessons and her experience in knowing her worth, especially as an African-American woman in a profession that has long been dominated by men and Caucasian females. She gave attendees a heart shaped gem as a friendly reminder that they are valuable and printed affirmations that all stood up and spoke together to close out her session.


If that wasn’t enough impact, the summit forged on after a  wonderfully catered lunch, and  soundtrack composed  by DJ Retrospec. Then keynote speaker and author of  Inspiration In My Shoes, Diana Patton gave a rousing testament entitled “We Must Rise” which delved into the “why” of doing what we do, embracing the challenges and learning to rise above them, being committed to serving others with our passion-gifts.


There were a few “Amens” and “Yassss’s” shouted throughout her session, as empowered women responded to her. Paula Sharpe, an attendee commented,  “I am beyond blessed to have been a part of this event! I connected with amazing women, stepped way out of my comfort zone and I realized a few things about myself that I wasn't able to or wasn't trying to connect the dots on. “


In her first speaking engagement, Ambrea Mikolajczyk shared her experience with “Stepping Out” from corporate America, to build a construction and property development business with her husband. She exchanged passion for a paycheck and launched a successful endeavor  to build and develop the local community brick by brick. Her session gave many women hope that they too can pursue their passion and reap financial benefits that will still provide security for their families. Many women don’t step out because they feel that owning a business isn’t stable.


The final session was led by Josette Lewis who spoke on the roles we and others play in business and corporate partnerships. Her session “Mentors, Advocates, Sponsors: Developing and Leveraging Relationships” touched on the characteristics of each role and how they work together to create strong relationships.


After each session, there was an opportunity for attendees to connect and also shop with the vendors who brought their merchandise, products and services to the summit. From clothiers to authors to jewelry designers, there was something that everyone could patronize and support. Each speaker provided educational materials including business plan outlines and charts to utilize as they reflect on the event and their status in their profession or passion.


There were tears and cheers the whole day as Ready Set AIM touched the lives of women from all walks of life, who were eager to gain something new to carry them through the next phase in their careers or businesses. Anderson added, “ Because of the positive collaborative environment and the information that was given that day, some women have already started networking groups, launched businesses, and began planning their own events.”


When it comes to leveling up, Ready Set AIM did accomplish that goal. Anderson continued, “Ready Set AIM is more than an event, but a movement to empower diverse women to the forefront of business, government, and entrepreneurship.”



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