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Early Voting Is Open in Ohio

By Kirstin Alvanitakis, Communications Director Ohio Democratic Party
Guest Column

It’s election season in Ohio! Early in-person voting is open in all 88 counties, and those who have requested their vote-by-mail ballots should be receiving them soon.

Despite Donald Trump’s attempts to bully his way through this election, Ohioans will not be deterred or dissuaded from voting. More than 2 million Ohioans have already requested a vote-by-mail ballot, and we’re seeing historic early voting numbers. We are joining together, Black and white, young and old, to turn out in record numbers during this election season.

There are so many important races on the ballot in 2020. At the top of the ticket, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running to restore the soul of this nation. We can count on them to stand with us and bring about the changes we need to address racial inequality in this country and in our communities.

We have seen firsthand over the past year that racism is a public health crisis. Black communities have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic recession. We need Joe and Kamala in the White House, so that we can defeat the coronavirus and build back better.

But it’s not just the top of the ticket that’s important for Black Ohioans. We need allies at every level of government, and we need representatives that understand our community. For certain contests -- judicial and state School Board races -- you won’t see a partisan affiliation on your ballot. That’s why it’s helpful to get a Democratic “sample ballot” before you go to the polls or fill out your vote-by-mail ballot. You can check out MakeItCountOhio.com to find a list of Democratic candidates for [Cuyahoga/Hamilton/Mahoning/Lucas/Summit] County.

Ohio has two statewide races in 2020, and they will have a big impact on our state’s future. In 2018, Ohio Democrats won two races for the Ohio Supreme Court and elected Justice Michael P. Donnelly and Justice Melody Stewart, the first Black woman to win a seat on the state’s highest court. In 2020, Ohio Democrats have the opportunity to win two more seats and take a 4-3 majority on the court.

We need our courts to protect victims, be fair and remain impartial. Unfortunately, Justice Judi French and Justice Sharon Kennedy have fallen short. First, they sided with payday lenders over regular Ohioans, ignoring protections created after the 2008 financial crisis that devastated so many Black neighborhoods. Then they rewrote the rules to increase contribution limits from special interests, and promptly cashed in, raising more than $1 million for their campaigns.

Finally, they have both ruled against child abuse and sexual assault victims, denying them their day in court and the full measure of justice. They denied mercy to a child human trafficking victim.

We need new Supreme Court justices to protect victims and stay fair and independent. Judge John P. O’Donnell and Judge Jennifer Brunner will be those independent voices for Ohio families.

In 2020, vote for Biden-Harris for president and vice president and O’Donnell and Brunner for Ohio Supreme Court.



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