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Life From A Different Perspective: Meet Timothy Anderson

By Mariah Hicks, Brothers United Coach
Special to The Truth

"Before BU, I can say that I was lost on a lot of stuff."

Timothy Anderson was 24 when he first became a father.

"It taught me to be more responsible in life and move forward to be a better man. It taught me a lot about being a father. It’s more than just buying your children stuff. I do more with my kids and am with them a lot."

Timothy has six co-parents and he expressed they’ve always had pretty good relationships. His relationships with his kids have always been good as well.

Timothy heard about Brothers United from Willie Knighten.

"I liked the whole concept about it. Any man should admit where he needs help. I liked the opportunity and wisdom, so I joined."

While in the program, Timothy learned many things that changed his perspective in life. He began looking at life more seriously, which allowed him to connect with his family better and understand his relationships with his kids and co-parents. He became more aware of his spending habits and gained better control over his finances.

When he started the program, he had fines on his license that amounted to over $6,000. He now has it down to $1,600 and is about to get his license for the first time in his life. Not to mention, Mr. Anderson is also all caught up on his child support payments.

Brothers United truly made a change for Mr. Anderson.

"I learned how to sit down and interact with my significant other because that really matters. That being a father is really important and so is being a man. We are the protectors, the breadwinners. I really like that because it made me a stronger man. I used to be so tied up in the streets, but now I see my kids every day. I spend time with my grandson. I haven’t been living like I used to out here in the street. It helped me sit down and be a real man to my family!"

If you are interested in joining The Brothers United Program or have someone you want to refer: Call us at (419) 279-6297 or www.pathwaytoledo.org




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