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Community Foundation Provides COVID-19 Relief for Local Nonprofits


By Tricia Hall

Sojourner’s Truth Reporter


The Greater Toledo Community Foundation created a fund to support northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan nonprofits and last week announced the first round of grantees that received $51,508 collectively.


Seven nonprofits will either begin or continue to provide immediate relief to residents that are impacted by the novel coronavirus.


Adelante Inc. will provide access to basic need items that include food, personal hygiene items, or cleaning supplies to the community. Children’s Hunger Alliance will provide shelf stable food supplies to children at specific Toledo locations that do not overlap with current Toledo Public School distribution locations.


Home Non-profit Housing Corp. will receive funds to cover their increased staff costs related to the 13 developmentally disabled adult residents that they serve. Salvation Army received funds to cover the increase of basic needs for the food pantry, rental assistance and utility assistance.


The Mareda Center will provide basic need items and cleaning supplies to 50 low-income families. Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board will coordinate and supply homeless service providers with basic needs items that include sanitizing supplies, meals, host costs for quarantine stays and additional staff costs. Center of Hope Family Services will provide basic need items like food and cleaning supplies to youth and participants of their programs.


“The COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges for this community. Parents have been thrusted into the challenge of becoming teachers, without the benefits of the training, supports, and resources afforded to educators,” said Tracee Perryman, PhD, CEO of Center of Hope Family Services, Inc.” And even with all the resources, training, and supports provided in our educational systems, we still need more. And now parents are expected to fill in the gaps with even less. Center of Hope Family Services has provided educational enrichment, family engagement, and wrap around services for 15 years to support local educational, social welfare, and juvenile justice systems.


“We build bridges between these systems, children, and their families. For example, every family doesn’t have access to pick up the education packets provided by the schools or even pick up meals at feeding sites. There are families that may have access to free internet, thanks to Buckeye, but may not have access to a laptop or tablet. Families may move, or change phone numbers, and that information may not be updated with the schools. We fill in those gaps by accessing educational materials, preparing food baskets, and delivering them to the families directly. We work with schoolteachers and principals to access the appropriate materials and assemble the packets if needed. The food baskets we deliver are large-family, shelf-stable meals that are designed to feed a larger family size over the weekend. We are currently serving 50 families, but this could expand to about 100 families. We have had calls from additional schools who would like us to partner with their families, so that they can access our resources. Our plan was to run this program until May 1, but we are evaluating our timeline as we receive guidance from our governor. The educational resources are fully funded, but we will likely need additional funding for food expenses, as the stay at home order continues to be extended. We prefer monetary contributions as we are already partnering with food service providers to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines.”


According to the Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative, United States based community foundations in 49 states and the District of Columbia have mobilized $230,000 collectively since March 25 in response to the coronavirus have are able to connect with donors and award funds quickly.


The Greater Toledo Community Foundation plans to announce additional grantees, as the next three founds of grant recommendations are in the approval process. Nonprofits that are experiencing coronavirus-related financial challenges or are aiding the community are encouraged to visit the Foundation website.


“Please join us by sharing this opportunity with those who may not be in the position to give. Contributions of any amount are appreciated,” explained Keith Burwell, Greater Toledo Community Foundation president. “The Community Foundation is pleased that we are able to immediately help fill ‘the gap’ in funding for basic human needs of some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community. We are continuing to monitor the greatest unmet needs of residents in our local communities and do what we can to help. The Greater Toledo Community Foundation wants to empower these nonprofits to meet the immediate needs in our community. These were seven nonprofits that received funding, but this is just the beginning. We urge the nonprofits to continue to apply for funds.”



·         To connect with Center of Hope (SThompson@cohfs.org)

·         To submit a COVID-19 grant application (https://www.grantinterface.com/Home/Logon)

·         To listen to an interview with Foundation staff about COVID-19 grant application (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEn4pb9EFFs&feature=youtu.be)

·         To review nonprofit related COVID-19 resources (https://www.c4npr.org/).

·         To donate to COVID-19 Response Fund, (https://toledocf.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list)




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