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21 Things to Do While Self Quarantined

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

Normally, I do not give out social advice because people aren’t serious about taking unpaid advice; and they simply want to ventilate with someone about a problem…but with my in basket filling up with requests for ideas as to what to do if you are quarantined due to the recent rampant virus, I decided to break one of my rules and give out tips.

Thinking that you may be self-quarantined for up to two weeks, my tips should be enough for you to do and re-do until you are safe to join others in community.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

Tip One: go to the library and load up on books and especially books of the genre that you would not normally read. You should pace yourself to read one book every three days (Sorry, comic books do not make the cut!). Also, check out a broad selection of foreign films with sub-titles so that you have to make your brain work in overtime to follow the dialogue.

Tip Two:  Check out a cooking channel and follow the recipes and bone up on your knife skills and what spices to use with what dish. If you can, go to the online cooking channels (Food & Wine) on the Net and download recipes and try them out.

Tip Three: Do that bedroom painting job that you have been putting off since last summer and while you are at it, clean out the clutter in your closet, basement and attic.

Tip Four: Do early yard clean up and pull up the dead annuals and prune the perennials.

Tip Five:  Now’s the time to wash those interior windows.

Tip Six: Change the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Tip Seven: Make a list of your “enemies”, review it for accuracy, then

forgive them and throw out the list. Yeah, it’s tough, but do it anyhow.

Tip Eight:  What better time to clean out your “junk” drawers.

Tip Nine:  Washy-washy time for those plastic dirt catching blinds.

Tip 10:  Check out your insurance policies to make sure that they are not canceled.

Tip 11: Call around for prices on grave-yard plots. Never too early to reserve your space. Too costly? Consider cremation.

Tip 12: Sit down and make out a draft will and when ready, call me for an appointment to finalize it.

Tip 13: If you got Netflix, binge on the Twilight Zone and the X Files.

Tip 14:  Increase your prayer time by 10 minutes. Already at t10 minutes? Increase it by another t10 minutes!

Tip 15:  Sit down and write out your personal “bucket list” of places or activities you would like to see or accomplish before you make friends with a rocking chair.

Tip 16:  Engage in a meaningful conversation with your spouse or kids that does not involve increasing your tone level to Code Red!

Tip 17: Do a park walk every day for at least one hour (Don’t worry, you are still quarantined in a deserted park).

Tip 18: Start a diary about your thoughts during this self-quarantine.

Tip 19: If you got a bathtub, take a hot bubble bath while playing over and over, at level nine, the song, “I Will Survive!”

Tip 20: Write a short letter to yourself describing the person that you want to become. Sign it and date it and review it one year from now.

Tip 21: When your quarantine is over, be thankful, pray again and go out of the house a better person than you were before the quarantine!


Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com



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