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Hamilton’s Renee Elise Goldsberry Will Appear at the Stranahan This Month

By Asia Nail

Sojourner’s Truth Reporter


Music is one of the most universal ways of expression.  As a language, it helps us to both experience and express emotion. Simply put, music transcends the limitations of language present in the lives of everyday people of all ages and cultures around the world. Whether it’s at the gym, in the car, or at work, music is a staple in all of our lives. 


In this exclusive interview about the love of music and human connection, we speak with Renée Elise Goldsberry who rose to fame as Angelica Schuyler in the musical phenomenon, Hamilton, winning a Tony and a Grammy Award for her role.


Broadway's Hamilton is the sung-and rapped-through musical about U.S. Founding Father Alexander Hamilton which garnered unprecedented success while sweeping the country by storm since its debut in 2015.  



The Truth Reporter: Congratulations on all your professional accolades. They are well deserved. In light of what you’ve accomplished, tell us what is next on your list of goals? 


Goldsberry: Thank you.  I try to be ready for any surprises around the corner because so many things I’m given the opportunity to do are unexpected and better than I ever could have dreamed. My main goal is to stay ready and stay prayerful for whatever opportunity comes my way and to enjoy it! 


The Truth: Can you share any details of your upcoming one-night-only show?


Goldsberry:  I want to share the stories, experiences, and lessons learned with as many people as possible. This is why I think certain things happen for certain people because they share things with the masses. I’ve met some pretty amazing people and the ones I get most excited to meet are the people who are most open about their experiences - good or bad. I try to also be this type of person. My concerts are a really wonderful way for me to share my personal experiences from the different shows I’ve done and the lessons I’ve learned along the way with people. I feel if you come to one of these concerts you’ll hear some really great music and feel like you got to know me on a personal level. 


The Truth: Where have you toured so far?


Goldsberry:  I have a wonderful band and we’ve been touring all around the country.  We’ve gone to Cincinnati, San Francisco, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Iowa…

We have travelled to Wake Forest, Lehigh, and my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University,  just to name a few. Our Toledo performance is an extra special one to me, though, as I graduated from high school close by in Detroit so it feels like home here.  I’m really excited about being back in the Midwest, it really feels like the entire point of what I am doing.



The Truth: Do you foresee directing or producing in your future?


Goldsberry:  I’d love to do more producing and shining some light on those stories people need to know about or really enjoy. I love showcasing different kinds of women. It has been an honor to portray so many versatile characters in my acting career. I think the unique thing about my own concert is this is really me. I’m putting myself out there which is very daunting at times, but still the most satisfying.


The Truth: Who are your role models or women you admire? 


Goldsberry:  I admire many women, some older than me and some younger. The first person is my mother. Without her I would not be able to manage the ups and downs or highs and lows of anything.  Felicia Rashard has always been a role model and just a light in this world for me.  I’m also in a movie, Waves, with Taylor Russell, a young woman who plays my daughter.  She has been a light in my life as well. The three amazing background singers in my band just vocally blow the roof off the place wherever we go!  They are always lifting me up and just filling the room with the spirit of God, it is really beautiful. There are women all around me who continue to be sources of inspiration and support.


The Truth: What motivates you? What do you do for fun?


Goldsberry: The most fun I have honestly, is being with my family. I have a wonderful husband and two small children. The chaos of it all is the greatest thing in the world, the most simple yet greatest of all.


The Truth: What advice would you give a young lady who aspires to be like you?


Goldsberry: My mother told me a long time ago that everything is possible if you work hard and truly believe that you are worthy of wonderful things happening to you. Always search for an opportunity to be a blessing, with every blessing that comes to you.  I believe that really strongly. The goal is not my fame or my glory but what I can do that is beautiful and positive in the world. We can all accomplish wonderful things and I really believe that about everybody. My career should be an example that anyone has access to success. I don’t think I’m an outlier. I think I’m just a regular person in the world who has been blessed to tell wonderful stories with amazing people. I believe every person I meet is worthy of this as well. Most importantly you must always work hard, surround yourself with people who are trying to do positive things, and never say no to yourself.




Hamilton was not Goldsberry’s first appearance on Broadway. Goldsberry also originated the role of Nettie Harris in The Color Purple, the Broadway musical adaptation of the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel of the same name, played Nala in The Lion King, and was in the cast of the United States tour of Dreamgirls. Goldsberry was selected to play Mimi Márquez in the final cast of Jonathan Larson’s Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning musical Rent in 2008.


Since Hamilton, Goldsberry has worked on several projects. She's appeared in The Get Down on Netflix and shot the title role for HBO's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. She currently stars in the Netflix series Altered Carbon and a new movie, Waves, released November 19.


Goldsberry, background singers Crystal Hall, Kristina Miller, and Anastasia Talley, and a full band, including Michael Mitchell on piano, Jordan Peters on guitar, Kenneth Salters on drums, and Jeffrey Hanley on bass, will join the full Toledo Symphony at the Stranahan Theater. The evening will cover music from a variety of genres, including soul, rhythm and blues, and gospel.  Audience members will hear their favorite music from The Lion King, Rent, and of course, Hamilton, but they'll leave having witnessed something intimate and special as well.



"We are spreading a message of love through music. Let’s cozy up in the wintertime," says Goldsberry.


The one-night-only performance of Hamilton's Renée Elise Goldsberry will take place Saturday, January 25, 2020, 8 PM at the Stranahan Theater.


Tickets can be purchased online at toledosymphony.com, by calling 419.246.8000, or by stopping by the box office at 1838 Parkwood Avenue






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