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Let’s Take It From the Top

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     I know…I know. Everyone has an opinion on the hot button topic of abortion.  People on the “left” and people on the “right” and even people in the “center” will bare their political fangs if you step on their abortion bunion.

     So, for me, I am going to start from the Top (if you didn’t know by now, the word, “TOP” is an euphemism for God…the uncreated cause of everything including life itself.

I am arguing from a point of reference that TOP has not been obliterated from our jargon, life, politics, welfare, culture or conscience and, as such, TOP, because of his eternal presence, takes the position (not ever successfully contested) that there are no other “tops” before him…or after him.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     As such, TOP’s position, reflecting on his detailed history and recorded authenticity as stated in the Bible (both Old Testament and New Testament) is worthy of consideration regarding his authority to inform us that he has the final word on his creation.

    For starters, search as you may, you will find no moral or spiritual approval in the Bible for TOP approving abortions either as a means of birth control or a convenient way to rid of the results of criminal acts of rape or incest, fornication or adultery. None.

     Why is that you say? Simple: All life is generated from TOP and in the final analysis, it returns to TOP.  TOP created mankind (includes woman) in his image for his pleasure and as his highest creative act.

     Nothing we can do can have TOP disavow his creation in the sense of total renouncement because what came from his creative powers is precious and life was and is part of his creative genius.

     The only absolute moral authority that exists is from TOP. Mankind can attempt to impose their relative humanist philosophies and man-made religions, but the story of TOP is that such artifices will fail regardless of their appeal to the vanities of mankind and his/her attempt to replace TOP with their own created, “tops”.

     So, where does that leave us? It leaves us exercising our free will to either follow TOP or to spurn his rule and reign upon his creation. Sometimes we do those things that are singularly pleasing to us despite TOP telling us that there are other options available.

     With TOP, we have the freedom to disregard his instructions and go our own way but know that in his creative decision of allowing free will, there is a built-in alarm system (some call it, “conscience”) that informs us that there are consequences to our actions…some good…some not so good.

     Abortion triggers that built-in alarm system because abortion informs us that we are choosing to go our own way and will not submit to his rule and reign on this topic.

     TOP has clearly said that life begins at conception and that TOP even knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb (citations omitted). So, in the overall scheme of things, babies are not accidents or coincidences, but they receive that “spark” of lifeforce (from conception) and go on a wonderous journey to the final miracle we call, birth.

     Understand that in the journey call gestation and birth, negative things may have happened. Like, war, rape, miscarriage, illicit drug use, DNA deviations and a host of other intervening causes that result in that journey being interrupted or stopped or even the birth results, not to our liking.

     TOP knows that. TOP saw it from the beginning when TOP put into existence his creation and the freewill actors or influences that may have hindered, marred or blemished both conception and the final birthing process.

     Abortion has not caught TOP off guard. He is not at a loss of words for those who are

caught up in abortion including those, men or women, who intentionally cause abortions or those who negligently cause abortions.

     For TOP, life is life and its myriad of consequences are noted; and the agents or causes of abortion are noted for all of eternity with TOP.  This final accounting will occur when TOP causes everyone to cease their worldly activity and they are called to give an account of their deeds done while in the flesh. Abortion also will be judged.

      For those who argue that a woman has an absolute right to do as she pleases with her body and according to her freewill, that is correct but with a caveat, that decision will be

confronted by the word of TOP and everyone will have answer to it.

     If one was to argue for the rights of the unborn, one would have the woman as the designated guardian ad litem for the rights of the unborn child and those rights are limited to doing  things that guarantee a reasonable and safe in utero journey and birth; and with rights thereafter to grow and to be free from want and oppression.

     Conduct or actions that bespeak that the child in the womb is not wanted or appreciated and is thus ended by an abortion, TOP will honor that life in the hereafter (remember, I said that TOP has his plan to honor that life that we may have not honored but the decision does not absolve one from an accounting as to why the act of abortion was undertaken).

     An abortion extinguishes a life (at whatever stage of development it may be at), but it does not extinguish the accompanying indwelling spirit of the unborn child. That eternal spirit is the sole and exclusive property or “treasure” of TOP.

     Is abortion TOP’s best for you? No. It may be the best decision, as you think it was at the time, but remember, TOP’s eye is ever upon that yet-to-be ended life.

     In some segments of American society, medical science has erroneously termed an aborted fetus as simply the “products of conception” and nothing more.  Nothing could be further from the truth because that “product” was known by TOP when that “product” was in the mother’s womb and in that womb, that child was fearfully and wonderfully formed by TOP (citation omitted).

So, what does TOP do when abortions happen? Simple: TOP sees all and knows all and nothing escapes his attention and the same holds true for the aborted fetus and the mother of the fetus.

     The fetus is reunited with TOP and the birth mother (even an abortion is a “birth” in the sense that a life ceases to exist) can be told that TOP’s love for her is not preconditioned on her having or not having that child.

     Freewill allows for abortion but freewill also will be called into account for all decisions made that knowingly cheapened TOP’s gift of life.

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com



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