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Jera’s Heavenly Sweet: Baked Goods for Any Occasion

By Asia Nail

Sojourner’s Truth Reporter


Opening the tiny package, I was so excited - it smelled like Grandma’s house when I was a kid!  My melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookie was served hot and oozing with goodness. It was the perfect addition to my morning coffee and meeting the chef was the icing on top.


When one must caffeinate and conquer the day, head on down to Jera’s Heavenly Sweet. It is a true baker's gem!


Jera Stewart is the founder and lady-boss behind Heavenly Sweet. This full-service bakery serves fresh baked goods made with exceptional ingredients.


Now located on the lower level of the One Seagate building, Jera’s bakery initially started out of her home. “My husband and I agreed I would stay home and raise our four children. Naturally I started baking for our church, my kids after school events, festivals and even funerals,” recalls Stewart.  


A member of the Toledo Food Truck Association, Stewart started baking for Food Truck Thursdays, a summertime treat in downtown Toledo located at the corner of Madison Street and St. Clair. “I started quickly building a clientele without even realizing it,” she states.


Chatting about her baked goods was the equivalent of wrapping myself in a warm blanket, a blanket made out of thick cake slices slathered in homemade buttercreme.

Jera Stewart

Hanna Koziarski, Leona Myers, Brianna Stewart, Jera Stewart


It comes as no surprise that it wasn’t long before people started asking where they could buy her mouth-watering treats.


While her children were in school she started a charitable baking ministry at her church and became a licensed kitchen from the Department of Agriculture shortly thereafter. The rest, as they say, is history!


“I realized what began as a simple passion for baking, was turning into something pretty sweet,” states Stewart.  


Operating then as a one-woman show, Stewart realized her business would not grow if she continued working out of her tiny kitchen and old built-in oven.  She started inquiring on places where she could bake.  “I felt like a pregnant woman about to give birth,” she recalls. 


One afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle of the Huntington and Seagate Centers, she found a home for her budding business just a few blocks up town.  


“I noticed ProMedica coming downtown and starting to shake things up in a good way and I found a hidden gem of a location as fate would have it.”


Jera’s Heavenly Sweet is now a full service bakery overlooking the serene fountains of Promenade Park. The park and its surrounding buildings were beautifully renovated by ProMedica, now headquartered in the historical Toledo Edison steam plant building.  


Located waterside in downtown Toledo, grassy Promenade Park, will always be a community favorite. This gathering place provides benches, paths and a pavilion featuring community events and concerts.


Jera’s bakery opened its sweet smelling doors in 2017. “We will be celebrating our two year anniversary this year, June 17. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun,” says Stewart.


You will find delicious fun with a variety of unique goodies at Jera’s bakeshop. Her extraordinary recipes retain a magical quality that leave the tongue screaming with delight and whimpering for more!


“My favorite cake is our chocolate mousse cake,” she says. “It has four or five layers of chocolate mousse whipped to an airy perfection.”


When asked what she loves the most about what she does Stewart says, “I love when people stop in to see us while visiting the waterside. Many come for the baked goods of course, but more importantly, they love that we still look them in the eye while going above and beyond with our service.”


Located between the Renaissance Hotel and the Fifth Third Building, stop in for specialty pastries, cookies and cakes for any occasion.  If you find yourself in a rush don’t curb your cravings, as they also offer free 15 minute valet for those in a hurry!

“Come down the escalators in the Fifth Third building and you’ll see me on the right!”


Stewart also offers advice to other budding entrepreneurs, stating, “Make sure to have a strong support system.  As you scale your business make sure you have systems in place and be open to answering the hard questions.  Your business will be better for it.”


Steart encourages other business owners to, “Never quit your daydream. It has always been my dream to serve my community. I’m so grateful I get to cross cultural and racial barriers because people just like sweets.”


She extends a special thank you to her mentors Erik Johnson of The Ivy Entrepreneur Institute and Bill Worsel with the Chamber of Commerce. “We are also so thankful to have had the opportunity to donate delicious cupcakes and cookies for ZOO To DO’s Charitable Party with a Purpose.”


Jera and her husband Bill Stewart – a financial representative at Western & Southern Insurance Company; former production manager at WTOL and former special assistant to the mayor of Toledo – live in Toledo with their four children: Christian, Jerica, Cameron and Brianna. Stewart expresses her undying gratitude to her husband, children and their Church of God family for all of their support over the years.  “My husband and family are still my biggest supporters. I remember everyone helping me bag and label cookies until 3 a.m. in our sweet little kitchen on numerous occasions. I’m truly blessed.”


In response to increased demand, Heavenly Sweet is considering opening a second location for their growing clientele.  “We truly appreciate our regular downtown clientele. So many come from the courthouse and sheriff's department that we now consider family. I love meeting people from all walks of life while they tell me their stories over the counter.”


Stewart is currently looking for someone who has a true passion for baking to join her close knit team as they grow.  You can order online through their delicious looking website at jheavenlysweet.com and they encourage the community to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for tasty updates.


Stewart’s story is warm and sprinkled with flour and sugar. Meeting the woman behind the scene was a delicious treat! Let Jera’s Heavenly Sweet help give your special occasion some extra indulgence. Her desserts are a harmonious marriage of decadent flavors, sure to make you smile - a true match made in Heaven!




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