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Massa Trump Save Me Save Me!

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     The plaintive cries and shouts of vulgarity were ringing in the early morning hours in the White House recently as former Apprentice reality star Omarosa, with eyes bulging, vainly fought her way trying to find Massa Trump in his private residence.

     Omarosa was beside herself with anguish realizing that the hounds of hell, a/k/a: Chief of Staff John Kelly, was about to end her Cinderella tenure in the White House and fire her.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     If you read the media accounts, Omarosa, who had an "iffy" title of something like being a liaison to black people, was purportedly in hot water with the White House when she (among other things) had her wedding party of 39 people tour the White House.

    I can only surmise that when White House security and staff people saw over 39 black folks parading around the hallways and rooms of that building, such a scene caused a lot of consternation.

   Depending on whom you believe, Omarosa said that she resigned effective January 20 but other reports said that Chief of Staff John Kelly fired her when she repeatedly got hot and heated about her not having "walk-in" privileges to the Oval Office of President Trump.

     For Omarosa, to be limited in her rights to do as she pleases and to regard herself as a princess who got Trump elected, this rebuff was obviously humiliating and an acute embarrassment to her self imposed reputation as being a mover and a shaker.

     You know. The same reputation that was created, in part, as a result of her saying on national TV that all of Trump's critics and detractors will bow down to Trump!

      Omarosa was purportedly paid $180K per year to window dress for the White House and to be his liaison to the African-American communities.

So, do you think that this reality princess would walk away from such a high-paying gig? Please!

The child was fired for her antics and purportedly acting the fool when accosted by the chief of staff.

     And especially so when Omarosa told Kelly that, "All hell would break loose if something was to go down about her."  Kelly then retorted, "Then all hell will break loose!", and had the shocked black princess escorted off of the premises.

     As for damage control, Omarosa was on Good Morning America the next day or two commiserating with ABC anchor, Michael Strahan, and stating that her resignation was effective January 20.  When pressed for specifics about what she knew, Omarosa coyly stated that she would not then say because she still had to work with her colleagues until January 20!

     What rubbish! Omarosa's credentials have already been deactivated by the Secret Service and she will not set another foot in the White House as long as it is white!

     The next chapter in this, "she said....he said" is that Omarosa will wait for the highest bid for her "memoirs" since she said that she saw and heard some things in the White House that made her, "uncomfortable."

     Uncomfortable? Here are five guesses as to what made her so uncomfortable that she had to be quickly escorted off of the premises: [1] seeing Donald Trump without his toupee or makeup [2] hearing Melania's English tutor shout to Melania that cake is spelled with a "c" and not a "k"! [3] seeing some cabinet members slavishly kissing Trump's ring every day at noon before their lunch [4] Trump angrily throwing darts at an enlarged picture of a smiling President Obama. [5] inadvertently seeing Trump furtively hiding copies of his tax returns under the rug in the Oval Office.

     Omarosa's time spent in the White House was of no significance whatsoever. She had what I consider to be a "puff made up job" as her reward for being a black face to the minority communities in America.

     I seriously doubt that the presence of Omarosa swayed any voters to vote for Trump. She was his shill and she knew her place and, for her obedience, she was paid the pricey sum of $180k to continue to sear her conscience.

     But now, Omarosa claims she has such valuable information and she is not willing to forsake her "community" and continue in that highly-paid role. 

    Oh my! Omarosa now wants a path home to her "community". She now wants to rehabilitate her image of not being an, "Aunt Jemima" and wants the world to know that Omarosa has valuable stuff about Trump and what she saw and heard!

    Omarosa wants to stop the presses and have everyone with a pencil and a pad run to her and sit at her feet as she unravels stories and tales about the inner workings of the White House and the machinations of Trump & Company!

     Can you imagine Omarosa running through the White House screaming for Massa Trump! and Chief of Staff John Kelly is running after her!  Omarosa was hoping that Massa Trump would have come out of his living quarters... held up his hand and Omarosa would have found comfort and favor in Trump throttling John Kelly's attempts to toss her out of the White House on her keister.

     But alas...Massa Trump told one of his favorite house negroes (Omarosa) that the plantation foreman (Kelly) wields the strap and that she is no longer highly favored.

     What a fall from grace! At one time to be able to prance around the White House and have access to Massa Trump and now... told to take her nappy-headed self and leave...what a blow!

     Is there no shame left in America? When Omarosa's self-aggrandizing memoirs hit the new stands and talk radio, just remember that she thought Massa Trump was a deity to bow down to and she backed a candidate that thought ill of black people.

Oh....how the mighty have fallen!


Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com



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