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(1) I will never understand why black, mayoral candidates have a penchant to take  photo opps with clusters of smiling and grinning black pastors standing behind him or her.

     Is it as if somehow their credibility or prestige will "rub off" ...."or on" the candidate and thus their congregants will vote for the candidate simply because their pastor is in the photograph?

     That assumes that the pastors in the photo have enough political heft to sway their voting members to vote for the candidate and as the recent past elections have shown, voting in the "inner city" wards is not at respectable levels to say the least.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     So much for black political power when residents of the "inner city" either are not registered to vote or do not vote on Election Day. It goes without saying that if the "inner city" wards do not come out in gangbuster numbers, the "white suburban" voters can rule the day and negate any smiley photo opps of black preachers and black mayoral candidates.

      As I have said in past guest opinions, do the smiley preachers, in those worthless photo ops, have the power to get the mayor on the phone and get instant perks for their community, even if it is just a pack of summer jobs for their teen members?

     Somebody throw a custard pie in my face but for all the years I have been commenting on politics in Toledo, I have not seen smiley black preachers getting any bang for their photo-op bucks from City Hall.

     It is as if by the sheer dint of the presence of such photographs of dozens of black pastors standing behind a black mayoral candidate that somehow that bespeaks of:

"We got the numbers to get this done!"

     No...it only says that you were courteous enough to agree to be in a photograph of smiley black preachers and for your graciousness you may have thought that maybe, just maybe, my congregation or the conglomerate black community would benefit from our collective stance with the mayor.

     So sorry for your losses! Next time when the photo bus rolls around and you are solicited to stand tall in the photo opp, that you have the political savvy to make sure that you are getting something for your tried and true fidelity.

    The unendorsed Democratic Mayor Elect...Wade...opted out of the smiley black photo spread and probably said to himself, "Naw...don't need it. I can win without it!"

    The moral of the story? If you and your black mayoral candidate have not run a tight and robust voter registration drive, going door to door, and also having means of delivering thousands of people to the polls, winning the mayor's office will just be a smiley photograph opportunity that will become scrapbook history in a few months.

(2) Why? When you consider that murdering or shooting someone is a desecration of life and an affront to God, why would not the affected neighborhoods cooperate with other affected neighborhoods and start a 10-year campaign to reduce or eradicate senseless black-on-black violence?

     The best resource for such an extended campaign and which has the various locations already in place to launch such an ambitious attack is....wait for it......the ever present black church.

      My hunch is this: If each black church, be it the kind that has maybe five persons that show up for Sunday worship or 500 that show up, there are enough resources to undertake a campaign to reclaim the affected and downtrodden neighborhoods that suffer from gun play and other sorts of crime. No, you will not eliminate it but you can reduce it, if the will is there to reduce it.

     I know...I know...there are "start and stop" campaigns both in the past and the present that have the mission statement do such an worthy endeavor, BUT until both David and Goliath come together and each offers his unique resources and talents, nothing will be done.

    Now, remember I said that this will be a 10-year campaign at least because you have to change aberrant generational habits and thinking and, without such a commitment, why start it in the first place?

     I offered the black church as the focal point of such an initiative because the black church is the biggest but temporary banker in the black community due to the wealth that it accumulates on Sundays and Wednesdays before it dutifully turns its weekly collection offerings over to white folks and their banking system so that white folks can get rich off of those weekly tithes and offerings.

     You know and I know that black wealth does not tarry long in the black community but leaves rather quickly and finds a warm reception in white banks, credit unions and merchants who are as pleased as punch to get those bags of money come Monday morning bank counting time.

     But...that is how we roll in Toledo. 

     The black church has the goods and the talents and the skills to take a vibrant and powerful message of hope and change and education to its surrounding communities but will it or will it cling to its stained glass windows as a refuge from the secular storm?

     Imagine if you can, that once a month EACH black church selects a day in the week where congregants, among other activities, walk the streets and with both a personal presence and a lit drop, begin to re shape the community into a model that will eschew drugs and violence and adhere to positive community and spiritual values that would advance the current and next generation.

    And as to the prior comment about black dollars escaping the black community, recall if in the past 30 days you spent any of your hard-earned money on any of the following services IN the black community: (1) floral shops (2) barber shops (3) beauty parlors (4) credit unions (5) car dealers (6) restaurants (7) carry outs (8) real estate agents (9) black doctors (10) black lawyers (11) grocery stores (12) jewelry stores (13) auto repair (14) accountants (15) insurance agents (16) furniture dealers (17) plumbers and electricians (18) clothiers (19) contractors (20) pharmacists...etc...etc.

    If you have noticed by now, some of those categories do not even exist in our community or, we do not even know who is who is some categories and which shows the need for a black directory of businesses including all black churches; and the dire need to channel our youth into entrepreneurial businesses...or we will simply continue to exist as a conquered colony for the merchants who live in Perrysburg, Ottawa Hills and Maumee. We export our money and we import their goods and services!

     Some things I will never understand.


Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com


Ed. Note: The Truth is currently compiling a just such a database of black-owned businesses. Please feel free tocontact us at thetruth@thetruthtoledo.com for information about your business.



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