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Jim Crow Still Flying High

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     If you are still a dues paying member of the “America Is Color Blind” club, the director of memberships will be calling you about an astronomical hike in dues.

     And if you can’t pay it or successfully fight the increase, your membership will be terminated and you will be asked to return your rose-colored lens glasses.

     After the recent national elections and especially in The State of Georgia which went from red (GOP) to blue (Democratic), the Jim Crow crowd (now composed of GOP members) that populate the Georgia House and Senate went apoplectic when they lost both the presidency and both US Senate seats.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     So, following unwritten protocol and with a nod to their sordid racial history, The Jim Crow crowd called an emergency meeting and announced to the whole world that unless they bring this out of hand Black and Brown voting under control, they were in dire danger of losing future elections.

    The Jim Crow boys know that the power of the ballot box can make you or break you and by golly, they were not about to be broken by hordes of Black and Brown people flipping presidential chairs and US Senate seats.

     If there is one thing Jim Crow learned when he was flying free in the wind since post slavery, it is that you cannot afford to have “others” who do not look like you, vote and vote as a block.

    Jim Crow knows that if you have had to reluctantly give up the whip and the lynching tree (Ahhh…those were the good ‘ol days when black folks knew their place!) to intimidate the black vote, then you gotta update your stratagems … and what better place than the voting booth!

    If you craft your argument and language exactly right, you can circumvent those pesky voting rights laws and so bedevil the black voter, that he or she will throw in the towel and trust good governance to the goodwill of white people.

    Jim Crow knows how to put on a show. Why, Jim Crow would argue with a straight face that what he is doing is for the good of the state and that his proposals will ensure the integrity of the ballot box.

     And you know what? Jim Crow and his best buds are winging it in over 40 other states that are also sponsoring hundreds of bills that affect voting rights.

     All of these Jim Crow highflyers looked around the nation and saw that they were facing the same problem with their “colored” voters: uppity and willing to upset the political apple cart.

      No matter that there were no findings of any significant voter fraud in the recent elections. No matter that over 60 court cases have been filed in the federal and state courts alleging voter irregularities and that all the judges in those courts ruled that the presented evidence had no merit.

     No matter that in certain states, recounts were done and redone and with the same finding…no voter fraud!

     So, what does a principled Jim Crow person do in those situations? Simple!: You lie and lie again and repeat the same lie over and over and when you are called upon to prove it, you say, “Why, everybody knows it!”

    Jim Crow’s America is making no pretense of their intentions to thwart the power of the Black and Brown voter.

     I am surprised that Jim Crow has not simply come out and stated to the world that people of color in America are still second-class citizens when it comes to full-fledged citizenship.

     Jim Crow’s best bud, former president Donald Trump, worked up a fever pitch lying to America about voter fraud and his political hacks and goons reiterated the same slimy lies, and it worked!

     White America is in a tizzy about garroting the black vote but they must do it in very circumspect terms or they run the risk of engaging in racist behavior (Yes, it is racist behavior!) and stand to lose some white liberals and moderates as their allies.

     Instead of accepting the recent election results as the will of the people (remember: in the US Constitution, Blacks were regarded as three-fifths of a person!), the Jim Crow element wants a return to an America where they do not have to always worry about Black and Brown people out voting them; and thus getting access to what they have exclusively enjoyed for hundreds of years – privilege, power and the perks of full citizenship.

     So, if you forgot everything about America’s sordid racial history and its pathetic protection of the voting rights of its fellow citizens, remember this: Jim Crow is alive and well and will be soon visiting a polling booth near you.

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com






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