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Just Imagine

By RaShya Ghee
A Few Thoughts

Imagine if, after the first night of protests in Minneapolis last year, the former POTUS had stood on the White House lawn in solidarity, acknowledged the reality of racism, declared a national day of anti-racism protest (that he entrusted organizers to orchestrate and lead), and laid out a series of events all week to address these issues and let the people be heard.

Imagine if he had promised to propose legislation within 30 days that centered on anti-racism in federal government operations and urged Congress to put together a racial justice package of their own.


RaShya Ghee

Imagine if, on that call with the governors, instead of calling them weak and jerks, he acknowledged the federal government’s failure to lead on issues of racial justice, promised to do better, and incentivized state action to pass anti-racism laws.

Imagine if he gave an informative address. Where he chronicled this country’s history with racism honestly. Edified white Americans, validated the experiences of Black Americans, and normalized anti-racism as part of the American conscience.

Imagine if, instead of tear gassing for a photo op, he sat in the park with protestors and clergy, listened to them, sharing with them, observing COVID 19 protocols with them.

How different would the last few months have been? How different would the world see us right now? How much further along would we be in this process? Sigh.





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