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Impeachment 2?

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

      Assuming that the American reading public has more than two working brain cells, the recent telephonic revelations of Herr Trump playing the Mafia Chief against the Secretary of State of Georgia is beyond startling.

      It is downright criminal.

      A delusional president, desperate for the immunity coverage that a second four year term in the White House would give him regarding possible federal charges for crimes committed while in office, is now reduced to the tried and true “ol’ switcheroo” plan.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

      Very simply, it is this: To completely avoid being charged with federal crimes and being measured for an XXL orange jumpsuit to wear in a federal minimal security prison, Herr Trump will solicit his favorite lapdog/lackey, VP Mike Pence to pardon him when he resigns before January 20.

      Of course, Pence being a very docile and brain-dead politico will pant and run-in circles to help his boss and Pence can boast on his resume that he was, in fact, president for a week!

     Trump does not want to run the risk of doing the charade of a self-pardon because if the courts rule that it is bogus, Herr Trump is up a river with no pardon paddle.

     If you listen to the gist and drift of the now famous one-hour phone call with the Secretary of State of Georgia, Herr Trump, except for changing his name to that of Marlon Brandon, is The Godfather!

      Our delusional president has no respect for law and order, decorum, precedent and boundaries between the functions of the government. Trump is out for Trump and if you invoke his displeasure, you can inevitably expect bus tire tracks on your backsides.

      Constitutional crisis, you say? Yeah! Big time! And especially so if the lobotomized GOP senators continue to hide in their cloakrooms in the Capitol and pretend that all is well in the republic. Such cowardice is off the charts and yet these same sycophants will be touting their credentials to their voters in the next two to four years.

      Some will have the brazen effrontery to even try out a presidential bid for 2024 and they will preen before their voters intoning that they are the defenders of the Constitution and the guardians of all things democratic.

     I was so dismayed with the one-hour tape that I had to throw down my last ace in the hole card and, through a back-door secret computer program known as Viceroy, I was able to reconstitute four minutes of the tape that even the Secretary of State of Georgia wanted to spare the American people from listening to.

     Viceroy is a, “frontier3 monitor” software that one can attach to any electronic device, including phones and after the call is initiated, it can pick up any continuing conversations without detection after the parties have theoretically ended the call.

     I was able to obtain a copy of Viceroy due to a big-time favor owed to me by a certain person in the CIA (now deceased) when I was able to intervene with a foreign government and have this covert agent’s family whisked away from imminent imprisonment and possible execution.

     But, enough about me. Let us focus on what Viceroy was able to secretly record on the “untold” part of that two-way phone conversation. Be forewarned. What you are about to read can be raw and ugly and is unfiltered:

Trump: Say Brad, I am told that you have three small grandchildren that are the darling of your eyes…

Raffensperger: (nervously clearing his throat…). Mr. President, do not bring up my family in this call. You have no right to do so. This is about your claims of being cheated out of hundreds of thousands of votes.

Trump: They tell me that the youngest one, a girl, is nine and she gets out of school at 3:30 PM.

Raffensperger: (practically shouting into the phone). Mr. President, if you so much as go within a hundred miles of her school, I will make it my mission to track you down.

Trump: Hey, hey. Let us not get jumpy! Your wife who attends her book club meetings on Thursday nights at the local Y, would be sad if the Y building met an unfortunate accident!

Raffensberger: Mr. President, are you threatening me, because if you are, two can play that game!

Trump: And what is it that I hear about your son playing tennis for his college?

I hear that you cannot play if you have two broken ankles.

Raffensperger: What is that you want from me?

Trump: Quite simple, my friend, quite simple. You go public and inform the media that you had an errant employee who made an honest computer error in the tabulations of the final vote count; and he confessed it to you today and that is why you are changing the vote count to show that I won Georgia!

Raffensperger: (softly crying to the phone) How could you expect me to do such an outrageous act! The vote has been certified!

Trump: Well, according to section 9121.03(A)(c)(iii) of the Georgia Voting Laws, a recertification is permissible upon reasonable and just cause.

My need to win Georgia is both reasonable and just. JUST DO IT!

Raffensperger (long silence…) I will see what I can do, just leave my family alone you monster!

Trump: Say, wasn’t it was too bad that Clemson lost to those Ohio Buckeyes!

Ben (hangs up the line).

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com




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