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The Englewood Community Continues Fireside Chat

By Tricia Hall
Sojourner's Truth Reporter

The Community RE Investment Coalition of Englewood District organized a virtual fireside chat on Friday, November 13, 2020 to discuss housing and neighborhood development improvement ideas. This fireside chat was led by Kathleen Greely and included panelists: David Mann, president and CEO, and Shantae Brownlee, vice president, Community Engagement and treasurer, of Lucas County Land Bank; Sister Virginia Welsh of the Padua Center; Tiffanie McNair, the City of Toledo Housing Commissioner; Michael Sachs the COO of NeighborWorks Toledo Region and Kimberly Cutcher, LISC Toledo Executive Director.


The virtual chat discussion started with the Lucas County Land Bank and resources available to residents and potential community investors. 


"We learn about properties from our data collection and the community. There are options if it's a vacant lot, unknown owner or tax delinquent property. The Land Bank could become the property owner and improve the value for a new owner. We can facilitate that type of transaction," said Mann.


"Demolition isn't the only priority of the Land Bank, renovation is also an option. Every property has value, no matter the area. If a neighborhood has priorities, we will work with them in developing plans," explained Brownlee.


Firechat facilitator Greely raised financing and funding gap concerns for residents in Englewood. "Our community has long had a lack of wealth and may not have the available cash for a $25,000 property. The coalition has talked about buying up like five properties and repurposing. Can associations or residents make those types of requests to partner with the Land Bank, because affordable housing a greenspace is a priority. Would investors be a better customer for the landbank?" she asked.


"There is an opportunity for homeownership in Englewood. We can promote homeownership. It takes partnerships with LISC, City of Toledo, NeighborWorks and Land bank to bridge the gap and provide layers of funds available to ownership," explained Brownlee.


"A way to build opportunities could be creating a Community Development Corporation. Englewood does have one, much like other neighborhoods," said Mann.


Local community housing development partners were introduced to the discussion and encouraged to share resources to the virtual audience.


"NeighborWorks has stepped in to manage units that were offline in communities. Tenants are buying the homes," said Sachs of NeighborWorks Toledo Region.


"LISC supports community partners, whether it is a nonprofit, for-profit or coalition with community visions, renovations or building affordable housing, and developing small businesses in neighborhoods like Englewood. We prioritize helping to implement community priorities," said Cutcher of LISC.


To learn more about Community RE Invest Coalition, visit  https://communityreinvestmentcoalition-englewoodsw.org. To learn more about available properties and finance requirements for listed properties, visit https://lucascountylandbank.org.


Kathleen Greely

David Mann

Shantae Brownlee

Kim Cutcher





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