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TPS Announces Its Back -to-School Plan

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

The Toledo Public Schools’ administration announced its back-to-school plan last Thursday and informed students and parents that the “March to Yellow” transition will happen in staggered steps during the month of October.

Starting the week of October 12, preschool to second grade students will report to their classrooms while third to 12th graders will start reporting during the week of October 26.

Superintendent Romules Durant, EdD,

TPS has been in an all-virtual phase so far during this school year – the “Red” phase of the three-part color system. The Yellow phase brings students back for partial classroom study. Students in the “A” group will be in the classroom on Mondays and Thursday; those in the “B” group on Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesdays will be reserved for students who need additional assistance and for deep cleaning of the school buildings, said Superintendent Romules Durant, EdD, during the press conference announcement.

The third step of the color system is “Green” for the eventual return of full-time classroom attendance. No timetable has been set for the “Green” phase.

Durant spoke of improving conditions generally in Lucas County as he announced the TPS decision. “Lucas County has made a turn for the better, out of the red and into orange,” he said, referencing the State of Ohio grading system for various areas around the state.

TPS will continue to provide food for the students who need it for the entire week.

Ann Cipriani, the coordinator of Health Services and School Nurses, said that a goal of the move into the “Yellow” phase will be “promoting a culture of compliance – we are all in this togethers.”

There are three layers of safety that the district will try to ensure that students and parents are following – face coverings, social distancing and hand hygiene, said Cipriani.

Durant also announced that the City League will have a fall football season leading to a city championship and into the state playoffs. Athletes are already practicing. In addition, extracurricular activities will resume and TPS partners, such as those providing wraparound services – tutoring, mental health, etc – will all be back in action.




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