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And Now! The Return of the Menacing Negro!

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     Well, you know it and I know it. It had to happen, sooner or later. But it is happening sooner than later because Herr Trump is beginning to sweat bullets about polling showing that he is losing to Joe Biden.

       Trump, with a clear history of racial antagonisms and a mouth full of racial invectives, is going to his “trump” card.

       This is the card that Trump will play until election day and his recent statements indicate a mind that is verging on the unthinkable and that is, Trump is going to go where no president since Woodrow Wilson has gone.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

         Trump is going to openly and blatantly use racial fear mongering as his bridge over troubled waters to reach and instill abject fear and loathing into any nervous white suburban voter.

       If you noted his vile commentary on a recent Fox News interview with his ally, Laura Ingraham, Trump intentionally used the scenario that if you allow, “low income housing” (a code word for black folks) into white suburbia, that property values will plummet and crime will increase and most importantly: women (white of course) will be at the mercy of hyper-sexed black men.

      Now, he did not link the words, black men and white women but his commentary was clear and unmistakable - that Trump is fomenting the surf and foam of racial paranoia amongst white suburban voters and, especially, the fair, gentle and pure white woman.

     Trump wants suburban white men to know that if black folks move to “their” suburbs, that their wives and daughters are directly in harm’s way.

      In harm’s way of being accosted and possibly assaulted by big black burly bucks who are unemployed and are lazily living off the taxpayer’s dime in low-income housing.

     Now Trump knows that such fabrications are the product of his sick and demented mind but, he is aggressively employing those motifs in his attempt to install fear and loathing for minorities and to associate “those” people with Joe Biden.

      Trump is shameless in his scathing attack on black people. Ever since he and his now deceased father were sued by HUD for racial discrimination in housing in the NYC area, Trump is still unrepentant of his racial hostilities.

       When he railed against black football players taking a knee, he screamed to get those, “Son of B**ches” off the field! As you know a b**ch is a female dog.

Trump had no qualm in calling black women, dogs. None whatsoever and much less calling African countries, “sh**hole nations.

       If you have ever seen the racist film, Birth of a Nation, you may recall the scene wherein a fair white damsel was being pursued by a black man seemingly with the intents to do her harm.

This damsel, in distress, leaps off a cliff rather than face the clutches of a black male.

This is the scene that Trump wants to resurrect in the fantasies and phobias of whites who live in white suburbia.

        Trump’s whispered message is that if “they” come to “your” suburbs, “they”, as a bonus, are coming to date and mate with your wives and daughters!

Trump knows the history of racial sexual politics in this race crazed society. He knows that If he raises the specter of black males roaming white suburbs in their malls, bars and restaurants, that white folks will be alarmed and fearful.

      Trump delights in racial chaos and if he can have ethnic groups plotting against each other and he is viewed as the only person who can save the suburbs from marauding bands of lustful black males, he will get the white suburban fear vote.

     Is that shameful and despicable? Sure it is but you are dealing with an unhinged person (thanks to the book title by the same name by the author Omarosa Manigault) who has no scruples about using racial demagoguery to win another four years in the White House.

     Trump’s method of campaigning is by any means necessary and if that means traducing people of color so be it. To him, ascribing negative images and character traits to black men and women is a case where the end justifies the means.

     Do not think that the recent sky-high purchasing of guns and ammo is for naught.

 America is turning into an armed camp and that doomsday scenario is furthered along by the divisive rhetoric of President Trump.

     Sadly, the nigh 81 percent of white evangelicals who voted for him and the feckless GOP leadership, have taken sleeping pills and have no concern about Trump’s poison tongue; and his innate ability to create out of whole cloth whopping lies, lies that have no basis in a smidgen of truth.

Trump is saying to the white suburbs, “Only I can protect you from those menacing hordes who want to trample over your white picket fences and drive through your clean streets, cars without mufflers and have BBQ picnics on the front lawn with boom boxes!”

You get the picture.

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com



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