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Jabari Jacksonís Reflections


The COVID-19 disease has impacted me in multiple ways. It has made me open up my eyes to see the world in many different ways, and to see the world fall into a blank state and everything being closed all over.


I also donít like how it affected my graduation because I really wanted to have a graduation this year and I really wanted to walk across the stage in front of my family and friends.


Itís disappointing that we couldnít at least have had something to recognize us in everything that we did, and not just in an electric way like a virtual graduation.


I hope the COVID-19 pandemic clears up by the summer and we can have events and things to

look forward to in the summer because as many more opportunities open up

I would love to explore my future options as I go on to college and

experience new things.


Jabari is a senior at Bowsher High School and is headed to the University of Toledo to major in engineering





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