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NANBPWC Holds Women’s History and Founders’ Day

Special to The Truth


The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs Inc., Toledo  Adult and Youth Club Members, presented their annual Founders' Day and  Women's History program on Sunday, March 8, 2020. The program was held at the Sullivan Center. The Theme for the event was " Valiant Women of the Vote."


Frances C. Collins, PhD, Toledo Club president, gave the welcome and reminded everyone that 2020 is the 100th anniversary of women having the right to vote. She stated that we were celebrating a century of Women's Right to Vote.  Jordan Collins, Toledo Youth Club president, also welcome everyone to the Founders' Day and Women's History Program.


Crystal Darnell Harris, mistress of ceremony and chairperson, emphasized how important it is for everyone to be involved in the voting process. Wanda Terrell Galloway was the co-chairperson. 


Denise Black-Poon, Toledo Club first vice president and program chairperson, presented the purpose of Women's History and Founders' Day.  The Women's History theme, in recognition of the centennial of the 19rh Amendment, honored women from the original suffrage movement, as well as, 20th and 21st century women who have continued the struggle fighting against poll taxes, literacy tests, voter poll purges and other more contemporary forms of voter suppression to ensure voting rights for all. 


Prayer was offered by Delores Bates.  


The purpose of Founders' Day is to celebrate the seven founders. These women were entrepreneurs, educators, community leaders, etc. with common goals and interest. The Toledo Club of NANBPWC takes time to honor them each year.  Jordan Collins and Alexii Collins, first vice president and Youth Club Advisor, led the Founders' Day tribute and lighting of the candles in honor of each founder. 


The guest speakers and honorees for this event were LaVera R. Scott, director of the Lucas County Board of Elections, and Yvonne Harper, councilwoman for District 4.


Scott said that "The purpose is to have a seat at the table. We won't win every fight but we have to have a voice." She also said that, "there are 11 states where early voting does not exist, even today." Voting can empower us against discrimination. We need to educate our community with updated information, do research, get youth involved and excited about voting and to know the issues. People gave their lives for our right to vote." 


Harper asked that everyone stand for what you believe.  She said that one vote can make a difference, the struggle is not over, know why you're voting and the issues. Remember, she said, we are talking about our future. We hear every day and know that black votes count. 


NANBPWC Toledo Club presented both speakers with plaques for their continued efforts each day to spread the word about voting issues and their involvement in the community.


Musical entertainment was performed by saxophonist  Micheal Williams and his band. 



Toledo Club members are: 

Delores Bates, Clara Brank, Wilma Brown,  Denise Black-Poon,  Denise Cardwell,  Deborah Carlisle, Dr. Frances C. Collins,  Alexii Collins,  Mary F. Dawson, Crystal Darnell Harris, Mironda D. Harris,  Karen Jarrett, Tommie McGhee,  Iris Pat Page Jones,  Sherry Reed,  Marquita Scott Chong,  Ethel Scott,  Tyra Smith Gabriel,  Wanda Terrell Galloway,  Donna Todd,  Barbara Tucker,  Beverly Tucker,  BJ Tucker. 


Youth Club members are:

Jordan Collins, Jada Collins,

Madison K. Fisher, Marial K Jackson, Cameron Knabbs



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