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Letter to the Editor

On December 21, 2011, Rev. Perryman  wrote a prophetic column in The Sojourner's Truth entitled "Black Toledo's SocioPsychosis" that in my opinion - now applies to the white evangelicals of America's White Church. Specifically, Rev. Perryman used the following quote by local business man Glenn Johnson who said: "In addition to the economics, there's a sociological factor that is more difficult to pin down and it centers around how Toledo's African-Americans have been conditioned."

The background realities that Mr. Tolliver wrote of in his February 5 column entitled "Kadens 1 - Black Church 0; reflects the fact that the Black Church lacks "a liberation theology." It has lacked such a theology since Emmett Till's murder; the infamous terrorist bombing of the 16th Avenue Church in Birmingham, AL and when white supremacist/terrorist Army veteran Timothy McVeigh killed 168 U.S. citizens by bombing the Oklahoma City federal building and last but not least, when Dylann Roof attended and killed the Charleston Bible Study Nine.

While the collective Church of Black America can forgive these terrorist acts, we must be cognizant that the vast majority of the overwhelming white males in the United States Senate have now embraced the ethos of the non-college educated white males with diminished spiritual consciousness with the personas of one who possessed a racial psychopathic personality.

Thus, I reiterate along with Mr. Tolliver - "the aggregate shame and discredit of black churches in Toledo...could devise a plan by which a black high school graduating class could be blessed" as Mr. Kadens blessed the Scott High School Class of 2020.

In conclusion, I remind The Sojourner's Truth's readers of Malcolm X's quote: "The way you control a people is how you educate them."

Best regards,

Clarence Gafeney, Armed Service Chair,
NAACP Executive Committee, Toledo Branch
2420 Valentine Street
Toledo, OH 43605




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