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UM Community Consulting Community Working with Books4Buddies

Special to The Truth

The University of Michigan Community Consulting Club (CCC) was established in 1999. It is designed to work with small nonprofits and, if selected, the students will focus on core programs (impact and outcomes).

The CCC students, who hail from a variety of local communities, as well as from far away as New York and Beijing, traveled from Ann Arbor recently to meet Books4Buddies board, including Executive Director Laneta Goings; Library officials; a Lucas County Sheriff’s representative and an American Cultural Exchange Services (ACES) administrator to discuss the global literacy program.


The UN/CCC, Stephen Ross Business School and Books4Buddies will collaborate during a 10-week program designed to develop strategic planning tools, said Marites Seitz, CCC team leader.

“Over the course of the last month, we have had the privilege of spending some time speaking with some key stakeholders in Boks4Buddies, including Laneta, and have grown to see the passion and focus with which B4B operates,” said Seitz. “The organization is extremely mission driven and they know it does have an impact in the Toledo and global community and want to measure and deepen that impact. Everyone we’ve with is very knowledgeable about the organization and the needs of the greater community, which is inspiring to see.”

The CCC students will be advising B4B on strategy and, just as importantly, helping “in measuring their impact, both internally and externally, so that they can leverage the information to achieve their other goals of growth and deepening the B4B community ties,” said Seitz.

After the 10-week engagement, which ends in December, CCC will present its strategic recommendations.

“We are very excited to be continuing this project this month and are looking forward to helping B4B understand the levels of their impact and use the information to achieve longer-term goals,” added Seitz.




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