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A Trump Primer for the Uninitiated

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump is fervently dismantling cordial relations with the US’s long standing allies and seemingly on orders from or with the explicit approval of his puppet master, Vladimir Putin ( a former KBG colonel who knows how to pick weaklings out of the political pack, like Trump, and groom them to be his lapdog).

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump is dissing third world countries and is shameless in using vitriolic language to demean their leaders.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump is assigning belittling names to his political opponents and is having his coterie of servile imps make the talk show rounds throwing mud at histleblowers.

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump is bullying the cringing GOP leadership into silence by the imminent threats of barbed tweets or threatening them to primary them out if they speak out against him.

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump is playing foreign affairs like it was a game of marbles and attempting to get “favors” from foreign governments but only if they give him something (quid pro quo) in return, which translates: political dirt on Joe Biden and his son.

    Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump has now assumed the mantle of the man with the most wisdom ever and who alone can solve all of the problems in the US and especially so since he knows most than the generals and he is an extremely stable genius (Odd fact: Trump will fight to the death to prevent any of his academic records from being released…go figure!).

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump continues to milk the government for financial goodies for his myriad of trips to his golf courses and for steering people and events to his hotel in D.C.

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump issues veiled physical threats against any whistleblower who would come out of hiding and challenge his loopy loop stories about the Ukraine call and his invite to China to also investigate his political opponents.

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump’s tax policies take from the poor and gives to the rich and yet his “poor” base loves it so.

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump eviscerates the military command in Syria and is exposing the Kurds to certain hostilities by ISIS and the Turkish government because he wants to suddenly withdraw all protective US forces from that region.

     Ahhh…the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump gets much joy from the angst caused by his policy of separating parents from their children on the southern border.

     Ahhh…. the smell of impeachment is in the air! Trump, with devilish contempt, ridicules the people of Baltimore with verbal bombs and he traduces women of color who are in Congress by telling them to go back to where they came from.

     Yet…the rank and file GOP hold their noses at his ugly and gross antics and demeaning words because they are hand in hand with this president and they will make every effort to redouble their efforts so that he can win a second term.

     When the white evangelical Republican fringe groups led by Jerry Falwell Jr., Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham Jr. continue to play political footsie with a man who has slammed the communion table, the sanctity of marriage, the abuse of women, the caricature of minorities and the use of profanity, you wonder what is up and what is down.

     It is an outrage that Pat Robertson, the titular head of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) will issue a senile statement that Trump is in danger of losing his “Heavenly Mandate” if he chooses to desert the Christian Kurds.

     Heaven’s Mandate! Trump’s attitude, character, utterances, and lifestyle is to Christianity as a mosquito bite is to a nuclear blast!

     So, regardless of the smell of impeachment being in the air, for whatever reasons, Trump’s ace card is his smug and secure knowledge that the feckless GOP Senate will not dare to even darken his doorstep with a vote that would remove him from office.

    Those craven GOP senators want to keep their fat cat salaries, pensions and perks that the thought of seeking employment other than at the public trough sends them into spasms of fear and trembling.

     So, if you are smelling impeachment in the air, tell you what, according to Herr Trump, it is a hoax from the Deep State and orchestrated by the enemy of the people, the free press.

     My prediction? Trump is impeached but the GOP led Senate runs yellow and continues to grovel at the throne of Trump and exonerates him.

     When that happens, you just heard the first death knell of democracy in these united states.

Contact Lafe Tolliver at Tolliver@juno.com


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