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The “100th Birthday” of Ethel Lee (Bazar) Walden

Special to The Truth

Ethel Lee Walden, the wife of prominent Toledo physician, founding MCO (UTMC) faculty member, and founding medical director of the Cordelia Martin Health Center, Dr. Robert E. Walden, M.D. (deceased), will celebrate her 100 years on this earth next Saturday, October 5, 2019.

Ethel Walden played an important role in the fledgling days of the Medical College of Ohio; one of several faculty wives who filled a role as de facto hospitality and social coordinators in support of their husbands’ dream of starting a “community medical college.”

She often hosted parties, gatherings and dinners in their Westmoreland home when the entire faculty and students were few enough to fit into one living room. She was there to help turn the first shovel of dirt for the inaugural building of the new campus, the Health Science Building.

She continued to support the college even after her husband’s passing, having funded a scholarship in his honor for UTMC students wishing to pursue a career in psychiatry.

In addition, Ethel Walden has been a strong supporter of the arts and community service. She’s an emeritus past-president of the local chapter of The Links, Inc. (one of the nation’s oldest and largest social service organizations of outstanding African American women), as well as the local Study Hour Club of prominent African-American women. She worked in the Gift Shop at the Toledo Museum of Art, donated to its Glass Pavilion construction fund, and has been a long-time supporter of PBS.

Walden has seen a lot of changes in this country and the world during the past century. She worked her way up from farm labor picking cotton and domestic help, to being the wife of a prominent doctor and community leader amidst the harsh realities of Jim Crow racism and the Civil Rights Movement.

She lived through the end of the “Old West”, saw men land on the moon, shared in this nation’s sacrifice during WWII, and saw the first African American inaugurated president of the United States! Yet, among all of her accomplishments, her proudest achievements have been watching her children and grandchildren go on to lead proud successful lives of their own.



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