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How do we in the African American community build a culture in which we are saying to our kids, "Here's what it takes to succeed. Here's the sacrifices you need to make to be able to get ahead. Here's how we support each other. Here's how we look out for each other."

                                            - President Barack Obama


Adair Mosley -- He’s Done Amazing Things

By Robert Smith, Director African American Legacy Project

Guest Column


Adair Mosley, the president of Pillsbury United Communities, has begun re-engineering underrepresented in communities in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   He is a proactive and visionary leader with vast experience in strategy, economic development, and innovation.  Mosley speaks the language of community. He speaks the language of people.


Mosley and his team operate from the perspective of dealing with the whole person.  He clearly understands that poverty, health inequities and other systemic problems can’t be solved by one program or path.  They look at the many barriers holding people back: from gaps in education to inadequate nutrition to economic isolation.  Mosley champions four neighborhood centers, seven social enterprises, and the authorization of 21 charter schools. Mosley is changing lives.


Adair Mosley

Before taking the helm as CEO, Mosley served as Pillsbury United Communities’ chief innovation officer and chief of staff. Mosley has been a fervent advocate for children and families, and served as a commissioner for Civil Rights with the City of Minneapolis. 


Recently Mosley and Pillsbury United raised $6.3 million dollars to open North Market – a new kind of grocery store – a unique non-profit social enterprise uniting three elements of community health in one place: nutritious food, health care services, and community wellness events and education. 


He attended the University of Minnesota and the University of Michigan's Executive Leadership Institute. In 2014, Mosley was an American Express Leadership Fellow. He sits on the CEO Council for the Alliance of Strong Families and Communities, the Itasca Project, the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Community Advisory Board. 


 “We in this community have to find ways to support each other, that is why we’ve invited a cross-section of community to hear Mr. Mosley speak and we believe some of the things he is doing can translate very well to this community,” according to this author, director of the African American Legacy Project. 


Mosley will speak 6:30pm, Monday, July 15, 2019 at Jerusalem Baptist Church 445 Dorr Street. 


The event Is free and open to the public.




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