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Impeach … Full Speed Ahead

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

     If you listened last week to the straightforward but telling remarks of Robert Mueller regarding his report on Russia’s attempted coup of the 2016 election and the finding of obstruction of justice by the now-sitting president, only one conclusion can be reached: IMPEACH!

    We need no more hand wringing and monochromatic safe words from Democrats who are nervously looking at the possible 2020 election results and visualizing not seeing their names on a juicy Congressional payroll.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

    The short remarks (10 minutes in length) by Mueller were decisive and on point and, as always, a respecter of the limiting process he was laboring under insofar as he was constrained by policy from indicting a sitting president.

    Mueller took off his “handcuffs” long enough to shout in whispers that his committee did not vindicate the president from a finding that he committed crimes while in office, but he would leave that verdict to a recalcitrant Congress that is gun shy of pulling the impeachment inquiry trigger.

     There is no way that any person with two operating brain cells could take from his statements that, if Mueller had his way, Trump would be indicted on several counts of criminal activity regarding the obstruction of justice.

     Even the hardened and conscience-seared press secretary, Sarah Huckebee Sanders could not put firetruck red lipstick on this pig and take it to the prom!

     Nancy Pelosi, the extremely confident and able Speaker of the House, will have to take a monster dose of caffeine and steel herself for the pending fury that will engulf her if she tries to mollify more members of her caucus who see an impeachment inquiry as the only means by which Trump can be brought to task to atone for his many sins.

     The nation is in a moral dilemma. On one hand, you have those who see the miscreant Trump as thumbing his nose at decades of acceptable presidential protocol and conduct establishing how one acts as a president.

     On the other hand, you have those who believe impeachment, although worthy and righteous, would only further divide the nation and with the very clear reality that a GOP-controlled Senate would not, as the jury, convict him of crimes committed while in office.

     If one takes the high road and votes that the interest of the country takes clear precedent over party politics, then an impeachment inquiry is the only remedy to rectify the obnoxious abuses that Trump gladly puts the nation through.

     I ran off a copy of volume two of the Mueller Report and, in my opinion, the findings of obstruction (maybe not all of them) yell and point a bony finger at Trump and the ways he has “slime balled” the Oval Office with his delusions that he is some type of autocrat-in-training who is untouchable by the laws of the land.

     Of course, there are those who have the opinion that we should wait until the results of the 2020 election and, if Trump wins, proceed to impeachment but, if he loses, indict him!

     But what about now? How morally long can you allow an unindicted co-conspirator to mock and prance around and throw sand into your face before you must reach out and discipline the errant bully child?

     If Trump is mocking the Democrats to impeach him, it is because he remembered that when former president Bill Clinton was impeached, his poll numbers went up!

Trump needs a boost in his poll numbers to win in 2020 and being impeached would be his ticket to winning.

     Regardless of the politics involved, Nancy Pelosi and the nervous Democrats need to bite the bullet, put on their big boy pants and take on this toxic president and the swamp creatures that he has populated his cabinet without a care that they are remotely competent (Ben Carson or Betsy DeVos anyone…?)

     Even if the Democrats impeach and the Senate judges Trump not guilty, the Democrats would get the glory for being willing to fight for the rule of law as opposed to be viewed as whiny political cowards worried only about their seats in 2020.

      An impeachment inquiry can serve as a cleansing of the Oval Office and would educate the American public on basic Constitutional Principles 101and with a focused narrative of Trump’s criminal behavior, people would, it is hoped, understand the scope and depth of the criminality of the president that would warrant his removal from office.

     The Democrats must stop listening to polls to tell them what is right. What is right is to impeach an arrogant, malignant narcissist who lies as easily as people blink.  Trump has Pied Pipered both the GOP and Attorney General William Barr. For reasons unknown to sane people, they have fallen under his spell and the fear of his tweet machine.

     No courage. No guts. The GOP is behaving like pitiful blind sheep in lockstep with a blustery moron who cares only about himself and his brand.

      The Democrats need to pay for a national two-day town hall on this crisis and engage the American people with indisputable facts about his criminal acts and his coverups.

      To allow Trump to continue to flaunt his criminal behavior is a shameless reflection on a Democratic Party that is anxious about its political future. For one, this “ain’t” about politics but about righting a listing ship, the US Constitution. History will award kudos to the party or persons who are willing to stand in the gap and pronounce a political equivalent of an Ichabod! on the White House.

     Any further delay in starting as least an impeachment inquiry would only embolden Trump to continue to star in is own play in which he is the supreme emperor who wears no clothes and no one around him has the moral guts to tell him that his hiney is hanging way out in the wind.

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com


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