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Council Members Introduce Equal Pay Ordinance

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

“This bill is quite simple,” said Toledo City Councilman Nick Komives as he opened a news conference to explain a bill he and Councilwoman Yvonne Harper will be introducing for the consideration of their council colleagues.

“It says that an employer cannot ask [a job applicant] what their last rate of pay was.”

The concept behind the proposed ban on employers seeking information on applicants’ salary history is to make a dent in the pay gap that disproportionately affects women, particularly women of color. Such a ban has already been implemented in the city of Cincinnati and Ohio House Democrats have introduced their own similar legislation to address gender pay gaps. Research shows that women in Ohio earn 76 cents for every $1 earned by a man and that the gaps are larger for black and Latina women.

“This is powerful for me,” said Harper at the news conference. One of Harper’s early jobs was as a keypunch operator, she added. During her time on that she “eventually found out people I trained were making a lot more than I was.”

The logic behind the proposed legislation, explained Komives, is that it will help to level the playing field during salary negotiations and, quite possibly, for the rest of a person’s working career. Without such a ban, employers have all the information during such negotiations and the applicant has none. If an employee starts at a lower salary then her counterparts, she is likely to remain at a lower level if prospective employers gain such knowledge.

City Council discussions continue this week.



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