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NANBPWC INC, Human Trafficking Workshop 

Special to The Truth

The world needs to know that people matter and that there are people who want to help others. That's why the (NANBPWC INC ) National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Club Inc. Toledo Adult and Youth Clubs felt a need to add an important issue to their Cotillion workshop series on "Human Trafficking " on Wednesday, March 5, 2019 at Keyser Elementary School at 5:30.

This workshop included over 80 guests who were junior and senior high school students from the Toledo community as well as adults and club members. 

Toledo Club President Frances Collins, PhD, welcomed everyone and spoke about how a program like this was something everyone should become aware of. Wilma Brown - Cottillion chairman; Denise Cardwell and Karen Jarrett, co-chairmen, added Human Trafficking to the workshop series because this is such a major problem in Toledo.  The community needs to be aware of this importance and wants to say that there are various ways to get help from special task forces in and around Toledo as well as other parts of the world.. 



The Human Trafficking Workshop was presented by a high security taskforce that talked about the issues that the Toledo Club felt were important for the guests to hear. They also showed a video and had a question and answer session. 

The important components which also covers the national organizations views on human trafficking that the presenters covered were:

1. What is Human Trafficking 

2. Components of Human Trafficking  (sex trafficking vs labor trafficking )

3. How to identify sex trafficking victims

4. How to identify labor trafficking victims

5. The dark side of social media

6. Trafficking intake process

7. The long-term effects of sex trafficking on victims as a whole

8. Security measures needed to adhere to when recuing a victim from the "life" of trafficking 

9. Resources needed to assist victims on the road to recovery

10. Educating young women, men, and their parents on Human Trafficking 

11. How to decrease the vulnerability of family members from being  trafficked and 

12. Educating young women and men on healthy vs unhealthy relationships that lead to sex trafficking 

Human Trafficking and especially sex trafficking doesn't discriminate by race. Indeed many of our African-American girls are being trafficked daily, but all lives matter regardless of race. 

Human Trafficking takes many forms and the two areas most known in this country are labor and sex trafficking. The industry of human trafficking is the second largest illegal industry (drug industry being number one) in the world. Human Trafficking generates $32 billion dollars per year globally and is a $12 billion in the industry in this country.  The issue of combating human trafficking and educating  members of the community has to come to the forefront of NANBPWC concerns. 

NANBPWC's mission is to promote the awareness of this problem and suggestive prevention measures  to minimize the vulnerability of victims of human trafficking.  



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