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The American Food Center Owner’s Letter to the Community

January 1, 2019

My name is Joseph Farah, and I am the owner of American Food Center (AFC) in Toledo Ohio. I am sorry for the actions of my former employees on Christmas day which was not in accordance with my store’s policy. The suspects in question acted on their own, outside of my supervision. I absolutely condemn the behavior shown in the video of the incident.

As soon as I heard about the incident, the employees involved were immediately terminated. Not only were they fired, but local prosecutors are pursuing assault charges against both former employees. Furthermore, some of the articles released falsely stated that the owners of AFC were directly involved in this incident. However, this is clearly not the case—all parties involved are former employees.

AFC is owned by me, my wife, and our four children whom I was home with at the time of the incident. Moreover, I have replaced and retrained my employees and have hired security while also working in conjunction with Toledo Police to ensure the safety of all customers and employees.

I am aware the public outcry and I take their concerns to heart. Not only do I hear it, I understand it and support it. I have taken immediate action to ensure an incident like this does not disgrace our community again. For over a decade, AFC has been involved in with the local community by investing in and donating to youth basketball teams, several churches, and the Toledo Police Department.

Best Regards,

Joseph Farah & Family

Owners, American Food Center

Ed. Note: The incident referred to by Joseph Farah occurred on Christmas Day when a customer, Shannon Wilson, allegedly stole two bottles of liquor from the American Food Center. On video viewers can see Wilson chased, caught, kicked and beaten by the two store employees, Guirguis Ragheb and Tejas Patel. Ragheb and Patel have been charged with misdemeanor assault. Wilson has been charged with petty theft.




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