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The Showcase: The First Inked Truth

“We would like to thank everyone that came out to show support for the Showcase,” said Jodie Summers, the event’s host.

“This was truly a magical night and more successful than we could have ever imagined.”

Not only was this the first showing of Inked Truth, but for many artists, authors and poets, it was the first time taking the stage. The theme of the evening was the number 3! Three poets, three visual artists, three authors!

During the first hour, everyone was able to talk to the poets, artists, authors, and buy merchandise; while the collection was being placed on the walls and pillars.

The night opened with Summers giving an introduction to his art collection and explaining the concept for creating the Showcase.

He set the stage with a poem called "Simple Man" followed by the poetic performances from Kay Renee, Paula Blocker (Stormi) and Huntor Prey. All of the poets were able to explain why they write, what they're currently doing and how to get in touch with them.

There was a brief intermission and then the night was opened back up with another poem from Jodie Summers called "Ink Spill.”

All of the artists were then invited up to tell their stories of why they create art and what they are currently working on. 

Darius Simpson started off the introductions of his creations followed by Chastidy Morrow (Black Rose).

Alfred Frank was unable to make it due to unforeseen circumstances, but Summers spoke on his behalf.

After another brief intermission Summers open the stage with the poem called "Final Stroke,” a part of the Inked Truth collection.

The authors, Tishina Jackson, Laura Hinkle and Teea Lynn, then took the stage and gave readings of their works.

Directly afterwards the special guest, Neal McCastle (Mac Nova), gave an a capella performance of two of his songs.

The night ended with an open mic and everyone in attendance getting their gift bags.

Summers thanked the audience that came out, bought merchandise from the creators and enjoyed the showcase; they would not have had a show without them, he added.

Special thanks to The Truth Gallery, he said, for allowing them to use the space to create the night, and thanks to the Arts Commission for putting the show on the website.

For more information on upcoming shows or how to be a part of one contact Jodie Summers: 567-315-4295  omen55732127@gmail.com


Jodie Summers and Sonja McCreary


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