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Asylum Rules Revisited 101

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

      As food for thought and in light of the current dust up regarding the caravan that is now seemingly encamped outside of Tijuana, Mexico with migrants seeking to apply for asylum, it is time to revisit the issue of who qualifies for admission to these united states.

       It goes without question that the very concept of seeking asylum is embedded in the notional concept that a person is seeking permission to enter another country based upon whatever criteria the host country imposes on those seekers.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

       Some of the qualifications could be: [1] escape from real and imminent threat of political execution; [2] living under hostile conditions that directly affect one's ability to peacefully live and earn a livelihood; [3] threat of famine, pestilence and overwhelming natural disasters that are likely to continue without abatement; [4] religious persecution; [5] repression and persecution due to ideological beliefs that are in opposition to the ruling government.

      In the current case of Hispanic migrants seeking asylum in the US of A, it appears that they are fleeing dire threats of death or injury due to governments that are unable or unwilling to staunch the power of drug cartels or corrupt governmental leadership.

       Herr Trump has raised a false narrative that "these" people are criminals awaiting their chance to pillage the countryside and to rip off the goodies that the social fabric provides to those of lesser means.

He knows that his base will howl to the moon and back if he feeds them the tried and true red meat of brown-skinned people selling tacos on your streets and speaking Spanish as their primary language.

      But how quickly America forgets. Remember back decades ago when boatloads of Europeans, both north and south, steamed towards fabled Ellis Island to begin the journey of becoming "Americanized" and thus becoming a part of the American fabric?

       Remember the millions of Irish, Italians, Germans, Poles, Eastern Europeans who flooded New York City with their strange foods and heavy accents and foreign customs?

       They were welcomed and eventually blended in with the surrounding tapestry of what is now called America.

       Their saving grace? They were white. Poor...but white, some ignorant... but white, some unable to speak the language...but white, some with no job skills...but white, not with any American political party...but white, not knowing American history...but white.

      Can you imagine when the alleged first trespasser, Christopher Columbus, came to the United States and had the audacity and temerity to claim an occupied country for the Queen of Spain!

      Absolutely no regard or respect for its then-current owners and occupants the native American Indian tribes.

     But a craven Christopher Columbus simply disregarded rules of territorial integrity and claimed the New World as "his"! What racial arrogance. But for the native American Indian not putting up a spirited defense against this trespasser, history would have had a different outcome than what it now has.

     I had the opportunity to sit down with two native American Indian chiefs, Deer Runner and Night Wolf, and asked them about how they lost so much land to migrants and trespassers back in the 17th and 18th century.

Me: Tell me, what were the pivotal facts that caused the native American

Indian to lose so much of his land and wind up on reservations?

Chief Night Wolf: We were willing to share our land and resources with the foreigner but when he discovered gold on our land and timber land that stretched as far as the eye could see, he wanted it all.

Chief Deer Runner: Every treaty that we signed with the foreign government was violated and our people shuttled off to reservations that had no value to us. We were killed by the hundred of thousands when we resisted and suffered from European diseases from which we had no immunity.

Me: Have you ever been fully compensated for your losses by the any government that sits or sat in Washington, D.C.?

Chief Night Runner: Never! We were promised money and fertile land and water rights but we were always shorted and when we complained we were placed on still more reservations.

Chief Deer Runner: Your Hollywood movies always show us as renegades and evil people but that is a false story line used to reinforce the image of us as savages. From the east coast to the west coast, we were hundreds of tribes and we had all of the resources necessary to maintain our way of life but the foreign invaders never honored our people or their ways and corrupted us with lies and theft of our lands.

Me: Looking back, what should have been done to prevent the near genocide of your people and the taking of your lands and resources?

Chief Deer Runner: We should have formed a confederacy and met the invaders at our borders and turned them away since they came with evil intents and we should have only allowed in those who were peaceful.

Chief Night Wolf: Could you imagine native American Indians setting up

check points along the east coast to regulate those Europeans coming to our lands! They are the trespassers on our land but yet they act as if by their gun power they have full rights to rule and reign over us...in our land!

     White Americans love to say that they are a nation of immigrants but when those immigrants are brown or black people, they are then called invaders!

To date, the trillion of dollars that we have lost as indigenous tribes will never be repaid. America owes us but to them, might makes right so we will never be repaid for that land theft and the outright murder of so many of our peoples.

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com


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