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Pop Quiz About White Male Privileges

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

If you have been following the debacle known as the hearings regarding Brett Kavanaugh being elevated to the United Supreme Court, you could not miss news commentators referring to the attitude of Kavanaugh being one of entitled white male privilege.

       In case you do not know what white male privileges consist of, just think of all of the perks, goodies, rights and expectations that you see and hear white males receiving simply due to their being both white and/or male.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

      Yes, that includes being given the presumption of innocence in matters attributed to their negative and criminal conduct or behavior.

       In essence, white males in America still rule the roost and they close their ranks for Kavanaugh and short shrifting a supposed thorough FBI investigation shows that white males protect their own.

     They do this notwithstanding the evidence to the contrary that they are guilty or when they exhibit conduct that is shameful, criminal or morally questionable at best.

      Herr Trump who, for the present time, sits on the top of the heap of white entitlement (no charges against him for all of the accusations of sexual molestation placed against him and other various and sundry charges of moral failings and financial skullduggery), also spouts political blather and lies as cover for males of the same ilk.

      According to the recent FBI investigation of charges brought by Dr. Christine Ford, there was found no further credible evidence to show that Kavanaugh was the attempted rapist of Dr. Ford.

      Even though the media reports that dozens of persons who claimed to have corroborative evidence to the contrary regarding his moral conduct, they were not even interviewed by the FBI!

     So much for an in-depth look at Kavanaugh and the purported charges given during his Senate judicial committee hearings.

     The die is cast and Kavanaugh will be sworn in next to Clarence Thomas, and they can, over a few beers, compare notes on the similarities of getting onto the highest court in the land in spite of being accused as being sexual predators or harassers.

     Still confused about white male privileges? Well, for the uninitiated, I have for your edification a simple eight-question quiz that you can compare your life experiences with that of privileged whites and you can see where you stand in the pecking order of privileges in America.

QUESTION ONE:  You and your date walk into a toney restaurant, with a reservation, and you are waiting 30 minutes but Brett Kavanaugh and his wife come in and are immediately seated, with no reservation. White privilege?



QUESTION TWO: You just moved to a new neighborhood and decide to check it out by doing a slow jog through the area. You stop a few times to re-tie your shoes and before you know it, two police cars begin to shadow you until you finally leave the area. Your white friends at work are incredulous at this story and say you must be mistaken. White privilege assumed?



QUESTION THREE:  You are at the meat counter at the local supermarket. Your number is 19. They call out 18 and then go to 20. You say, "Hey, here I am....19!" but the clerk says, too late, he will call you next. Number 20 is an older white lady who calls the clerk by his first name. White privileges at work here?



QUESTION FOUR: Your daughter and her crew are at a park, playing

music, picnicking and having a good time. A white lady nearby comes over and says that they are causing a scene and would they move on. Yet there are several nearby white college age crowds doing the same thing. White Privileges being exerted?



QUESTION FIVE: You and your son are waiting in juvenile court on a minor misdemeanor charge of him jaywalking across a street. The maximum sentence is $200 and court costs. No record made. A white kid and his mom appear before you for sentencing on charges of open beer cans in his car while at a stoplight. The white judge recognizes the kid as a star footballer and gives him a suspended sentence and no fines or costs. As for your son, he is given both court costs and a $200 fine...no priors. White privilege being used?



QUESTION SIX: You’ve been with your company for six years and have won three Outstanding Achievement Awards for your sales results. A juicy promotion has opened up for an assistant district manager. You apply but are denied. You are shocked but later learn that the person who won the job is the district manager's niece who has been on the job for two years, has a two year degree vs. your MBA...and she has no sales awards.

White privilege showing up?



QUESTION SEVEN: Your child's white friend, eight year old, Roger, is having a birthday party and he has invited your child and his two friends, Rufus and Lamont.

Unknown to you, the pool party starts at 1 p.m. but the invitations for your child and his two friends states to be present at 3 p.m.... which is after the pool party portion is over. Any concern for white privilege here?

QUESTION EIGHT:  You and your wife have signed an offer to purchase a house. The price agreed upon is $300,000. However the realtor tells you that another bid was entered and the other person got the house. You are crushed. You later learn that the other buyer is a fraternity brother of the seller and he is also getting the house at $20,000 less. Any white privilege here?



      Vote like you mean it this November. Remember: Vote early and vote often!


Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com




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