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No Christmas Toys For You, Flynn!

By Lafe Tollivr, Esq
Guest Column

     That loud WHOOSH! sound that you just heard was not from a polar air mass slicing in from Canada.

     No...that was the sound of America when they find out today that Michael Flynn of "Lock Her Up!" fame was pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about his involvement in the Russian collusion investigation.

      Flynn knew the jig was up and unless he wanted to continue to pay even more astronomical attorney fees and face more charges, he decided to throw himself on his military sword and with hat in hand, go face the music playing by the consummate maestro, Robert Mueller, the special investigator.

Lafe Tolliver, Esq

     In spite of all of the blustering of the near-hysterical President Trump, Bob Mueller kept his counsel to himself and quietly and adroitly plodded away at the gargantuan task before him: To rid the White House and those minions who, as flies around rotten meat, clung and cling to Trump regarding his effusive denials of collusion with the Russkies.

     Trump, in his self-made delusional world where he is King and Prophet and Lawgiver, always was the court jester trying to throw Bob Mueller off of the trail with his bright shiny objects of misdirection, be it the false claims of birtherism, crowd sizes or Muslim hate tweets; and a fresh daily assorted pack of lies and distortions so as to have his loyal base mesmerized by freshly-aired conspiracy stories.

      Trump is the consummate master of ill manners and hate mongering and has a profane moral code by which he operates to his glee. Even white evangelicals sold their soul and went a' whoring after other gods if it meant getting Trump elected.

      For those soulless evangelicals they probably decided that they can ask for forgiveness later but, for them, the now was only what mattered and that meant getting the con artist from New York elected so they could root and howl about, "one of theirs" being in the highest office in the land.

     Michael Flynn was in that sordid trumpian orbit of anger, hostility and mis-placed allegiances when he went all out for Trump. In a manner of speaking, Flynn also sold his fractious soul for the highest amount of Russkie rubles and made his bed with Trump & Company blithely unaware that somewhere in America, there is a day of reckoning for all things bad and smelly and evil.

      Flynn was able to read Trump and he knew or should have known that to cast his pearls before swine was only to invite the pigs to turn on him and trample him. And trample him they have.

      Flynn became a pariah...an outcast to Lord Trump and Lord Trump did not hold out his fake golden scepter for Flynn to enter his presence after a faux pas in which or by which Flynn drove outside of his assigned lanes.

      And now...we have Michael Flynn, before a national spotlight, being humbled and chastised knowing that he could spend months or years in a federal pen...and for what?

     The last swan song for Flynn will be that if he sings like a canary and delivers up credible information on the inner workings of Trump & Company about this Russian election intervention, Flynn might receive some props from the prosecutor and could receive judicial mercy for his cooperation.

     And don't fail to remember that Trump is sitting on a hot poker iron if Flynn starts to sing a song of retribution about what Trump did and how he did it and who else was involved in the recent election debacle.

        When they say “the fur will fly" that is an understatement of the first degree.

After Flynn finishes fingering the players in the Russian collusion efforts, you will see   Washington in a panic because they know that the shadow of death will be coming to the White House to seek out anyone that lied or participated in this outrageous effort to undermine the US elections.

      Trump knows what Flynn knows and Flynn knows what Trump knows. It will not be a pretty sight to see the fingered players scream and screech and issue statements of professed innocence.

      But, it will too little too late. The die has been cast and the piper (justice) wants to be paid and the bill will be placed at the door step of the White House and Bob Mueller will be waiting in the car parked at the curb to see who answers the door.

     Is Hillary Clinton sitting smug and happy possibly knowing that one day she and her shorted supporters will be able to say in union about Flynn, "Lock Him Up!"?

     Yes, that day will come and also will come many other days in which the other players, both major and minor, will be called to audition before Bob Mueller to see if their role playing gets them an orange jumpsuit or just a wrecked career.

     At severe cost to my contacts in Washington and the Justice Department and the risk of being threatened by Trump supporters, I was able to get some snippets of the wire-tapped phone messages between Flynn and Trump that led to this guilty plea.

These segments happened the day before Flynn knew the game was up and he was it:

TRUMP: Mike, is that you?

Flynn: Yeah, it me. What do you want now? You already ruined me! Go away.

TRUMP: Listen, I hear that you are going to plead guilty to lying to the feds. Is that true?

Flynn: Lying! You do it all the time! Why are you worried when someone else does it?

TRUMP: Hey, a little less attitude, OK! I am doing what I can do to get you out of this jam.  Whatever you say, do not mention Jared or Don Jr., They are good kids!

Flynn: Are you nuts! Those two idiots are two of the reasons I am in this jam.

TRUMP: Now...now...Remember if anything happens to you, I will get Jeff Sessions to pull some favors for me.

Flynn: Sessions! He couldn't remember his middle name if his life depended upon it.

TRUMP: Yeah, you are right there! What was I thinking putting him in as AG!

Flynn:  @*&^$&*^$#@/! (unintelligible gibberish).

TRUMP: What are you gonna say to Mueller?

Flynn: Wouldn't you love to know! Let's just say, it will be jaw dropping and amazing...you know...your favorite word. I know where all of the bodies are buried and all of the accounts in the Seychelles. Don't mess with me! I am in no mood for your lies.

TRUMP: Anything you say, I will just say that it is fake news! I will get by. My base will not leave me! I am Trump!

Flynn: Hey...gotta go. My lawyers tell me that if I give up the secret memos and e mails, I can get out in three to six months.  That sounds good to me! Seeya.

TRUMP: Hello....hello...hello...is someone else one on this line?

Contact Lafe Tolliver at tolliver@juno.com


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