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Exonerate Danny Brown, Wrongfully Incarcerated and Freed on DNA Evidence

Donald Lynn 

Dear Attorney General DeWine:

 We the People of the State of Ohio, Lucas County, and 10thousandstrong support Danny Brown.  We are demanding complete exoneration, monetary compensation, and a public apology to Mr. Brown no later than Friday, September 29, 2017.

 We strongly believe and agree that Danny Brown is the victim of “innocence denied”.  Were the courts only right recourse is to acknowledge their error and provide just compensation?  Why did the case not go to the court of claims?

 In Mr. Brown’s case, the state has legitimized the notion an innocent person who has endured the most degrading and appalling injustice, must now eliminate that injustice, by proving  his innocence when there is no way of proving his innocence.  Perhaps, a writ of mandamus as a court order commanding an official to perform a ministerial act that the law recognize as an absolute duty and not a matter for the officials discretion as a judicial remedy.  The state’s definition of “ongoing investigation” is often an abuse of power, as in Danny Brown’s case.

This is not just about Danny Brown, but about a failed and corrupt justice system with devastating consequences for thousands of black & brown men who are targeted as criminal’s without receiving the basic rights and legal protection.

 To honestly be guilty of anything you have to damage someone or something through negligence or otherwise.  And then you have to refuse to make the damage whole or good.  The legal system in Lucas County has abused Mr. Brown and other Black and disenfranchised people.  Since Mr. Brown has been acquitted of the crime, why is his case still open and hanging over him and preventing him from receiving just monetary compensation, as well as other entitlements.  An unethical standard of prosecution is “false justice”.  Please do the “right & just thing” and release Danny Brown from this unfair judicial harassment.

 If you have any questions or concerns, you may call me (Donald L. Lynn) at

419-509-0751, email me @ toledodonald@aol.com, or write me @ 804 Searles Road, Toledo, OH 43607-2849.


 We The People & 10thousandstrong



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